Competitive netball returned this April half when ENG Sports UK conducted our Netball Champions Cup 2021 competition workshops. After so long without competing ENG made sure netballers from all over the country enjoyed that competition feeling again as they were pitted against each other to win amazing awards and entry into a national competition.

All the workshops were superb and below are the scores and match reports from each workshop we conducted.

North West 1

ENG Magic 1 Vs ENG Thunder 7

ENG Magic 3 Vs ENG Cavaliers 5

ENG Cavaliers 3 Vs ENG Thunder 5

ENG Magic 2 Vs ENG Thunder 9

ENG Magic 3 Vs ENG Cavaliers 7

ENG Thunder 5 Vs ENG Cavaliers 6


ENG Thunder W 3 D 0 L 1 PTS 6

ENG Cavaliers W 3 D 0 L 1 PTS 6

ENG Magic W 0 D 0 L 4 PTS 0


ENG Cavaliers (0) Vs ENG Thunder (2): This was a tight game that was played in a very nervous environment. The first half saw no goals with both teams missing numerous shots. Finally, towards the end of the second half, ENG Thunder scored two goals and sealed the win.

MVP - Mia Kirkman: Lead her team superbly throughout the competition and was technically amazing.


ENG Magic (25) Vs ENG Cavaliers (30): With many injuries to players we could only facilitate a game between two teams. This game started with ENG Cavaliers taking the initiative and they stormed into an eight-point lead.  ENG Magic lead by Purdy Nugent managed to get back into the game, but it was in vain and the Cavaliers managed to hold onto the lead and win the event.

MVP - Emma Park: Raised her game and stopped opposition attacks with some superb turnovers.


ENG Magic 2 Vs ENG Starz 0

ENG Magic 1 Vs ENG Storm 4

ENG Storm 4 Vs ENG Starz 7

ENG Magic 4 Vs ENG Starz 2

ENG Magic 4 Vs ENG Storm 4

ENG Starz 4 Vs ENG Storm 4


ENG Magic W 2 D 1 L 1 PTS 5

ENG Storm W 1 D 2 L 1 PTS 4

ENG Starz W 1 D 1 L 2 PTS 3


ENG Magic (1) Vs ENG Storm (3): A very nervous game between these teams with misplaced passes and missed shots dominating the opening exchanges. ENG Storm finally took the initiative going 3-0 in front, which left ENG Magic in a vulnerable position. They did mount a fightback late on, but it was just too late and ENG Storm was crowned champions.

MVP - Georgia Hay: From the first whistle she showed great character and was the driving force behind her team's success with great shooting ability and some incredible interceptions.

North West 2

ENG Magic 7 Vs ENG Blaze 6

ENG Magic 8 Vs ENG Thunder 8

ENG Thunder 2 Vs ENG Blaze 6

ENG Magic 5 Vs ENG Blaze 6

ENG Magic 8 Vs ENG Thunder 8

ENG Thunder 7 Vs ENG Blaze 2


ENG Magic W 1 D 2 L 1 GF 28 PTS 4

ENG Thunder W 1 D 2 L 1 GF 25 PTS 4

ENG Blaze W 2 D 0 L 2 GF 20 PTS 4


ENG Magic (9) Vs ENG Thunder (10): A final worthy of an ENG national event due to the up and down nature of the tie. ENG Magic took the lead early on, ENG Thunder made a habit of bouncing back in the groups late on, but this time round got back into the game alot earlier and went into the lead midway through. ENG Magic looked out of the tie, but some poor choices and poor passing gave them a route back into this final and in the final seconds Georgia Parkinson tied the game and took us into a golden goal scenario. With there being only time for the first goal scored wins it was nerve-racking stuff when the coin was tossed to see who would have the centre pass. ENG Magic won the toss and quickly moved the ball up the court to Georgia Parkinson who had been shooting superbly all day. As she shot you could feel time stand still and unfortunately for Magic the shot came off the rim and back into Thunders procession. Like Magic, Thunder raced up court and found their goal shooter Jip Van Luijtgaarden who made no mistake and won the competition for her side.

MVP - Grace Webster: Grace was pivotal in building attacks for her side throughout the competition and her passing was near perfect.

Massive thank you to everyone who attended and now we will look forward to our Victory Cup 2021 workshop that will finalise teams for our ENG All-Star National event.