Chester Tigers NC won the debut competition of the ENG U14's Netball Cup - Road To Liverpool competition. The team from the North West battled against ten other teams and defeated Saddleworth NC in the final 9-7 to claim the title of the ENG U14's Netball Cup Northern Finals champions and secure their place in the Nationals Finals which will see the No.1 team crowned are national champions and win a VIP trip to the Netball World Cup in July.

Runner up at the event was Saddleworth NC who fought well in the final but just couldn't reduce the two goal lead Chester Tigers Maintained through-out the majority of the game. In 3rd place was the impressive Leeds Athletic who played out a superb game to beat a very strong Grangetown NC team in the 3rd/4th play-off decider with the score being 10-5. They along with the winner and runner up qualified for our national final competition on July 7th.

Grangetown NC were unfortunate not to get in the top 3 but still have a chance of qualifying into the nationals. They must hope no other 4th place side across our regional heats scores over 37 goals otherwise they will be eliminated from the event.


Group A

Leeds Athletic 6 Vs Tameside U13's 3

Tameside U13's 11 Vs Chester Lions 1

Leeds Athletic 10 Vs Chester Lions 1

Leeds Athletic 5 Vs Tameside U13's 5

Leeds Athletic 7 Vs Chester Lions 3

Chester Lions 5 Vs Tameside U13's 10


1. Leeds Athletic: W 3, D 1, L 0, PTS 7 (Q)

2. Tameside U13's: W 2, D 1, L 1, PTS 5 (Q)

3. Chester Lions: W 0, D 0, L 3, PTS 0

Group B

Consett Steelers 3 Vs Grangetown NC 5

Tameside U14's 9 Vs WESPA Fire 4

WESPA Fire 1 Vs Grangetown NC 5

Tameside U14's 11 Vs Consett Steelers 1

Tameside U14's 4 Vs Grangetown NC 7

WESPA Fire 9 Vs Consett Steelers 0


1. Grangetown NC: W 3, D 0, L 0, PTS 6 (Q)

2. Tameside U14's: W 2, D 0, L 1, PTS 4 (Q)

3. WESPA Fire: W 1, D 0, L 2, PTS 2 (Q)

4. Consett Steelers: W 0, D 0, L 3, PTS 0

Group C

Chester Tigers 13 Vs Kingston Nets 3

Vixens NC Vs 3 Vs Saddleworth NC 14

Chester Tigers 10 Vs Vixens 1

Kingston Nets 2 Vs Saddleworth NC 11

Chester Tigers 9 Vs Saddleworth NC 2

Kingston Nets 7 Vs Vixens NC 3


1. Chester Tigers: W 3, D 0, L 0, PTS 6 (Q)

2. Saddleworth NC: W 2, D 0, L 1, PTS 4 (Q)

3. Kingston Nets: W 1, D 0, L 2, PTS 2 (Q)

4. Vixens NC: W 0, D 0, L 3, PTS 0

Quarter Finals

Leeds Athletic NC 7 Vs WESPA Fire 1

Grangetown NC 10 Vs Kingston Nets 3

Chester Tigers 6 Vs Tameside U13's 4

Tameside U14's 5 Vs Saddleworth NC 8

Semi Finals

Leeds Athletic 6 Vs Saddleworth NC 9

Grangetown NC 5 Vs Chester Tigers 8

3rd/4th Play-Off

Grangetown NC 5 Vs Leeds Athletic 10


Saddleworth NC 7 Vs Chester Tigers 9

This competition now moves onto the Eastern Finals on May 11th where we will find out what next set of teams will join Chester Tigers, Saddleworth NC & Leeds Athletic in the national finals on July 7th. 

Massive thank you also to all the teams who competed and the amazing support from the parents who travelled to watch and support their children.

The Road To Liverpool Has Started!


Winners: Chester Tigers NC, Runners Up: Saddleworth NC, 3rd: Leeds Athletic, 4th: Grangetwon NC