Eagles NC flew into the ENG U14's Netball Cup National Finals after a ruthless display of netball from the Berkshire side. They came up against Abbey Flyers Nomads in the final and won the game 16-4 to repeat the success of their U12's side who had won this event back in November 2018. They join Chester NC, Hatfield NC as the events top seeds and will be confident that they can go all the way in the competition.

Runners Up were Abbey Flyers Nomads who became the only team ever in ENG Netball Cup history to win one game in the groups and still get to the final. They showed they weren't a soft touch in the opening game of the competition after narrowly losing to Eagles 5-3 and took that form into the knock-outs. In 3rd place was Crystal Palace who after a nervy start regained their composure and were deserved winners of the 3rd/4th play-off game against Wodson Park winning 11-5. Wodson Park who came 4th missed out on the nationals after not scoring more than Grangetown NC who occupy the best 4th place spot in this event. They will leave us though with some amazing memories after playing in some incredible games with the top pick being the quarter final win against MK Dons where they won in overtime 7-6.

Please check out the scores below and see how this competition unfolded.


Group A

MK Dons 7 Vs Clan Netball 1

MK Netters 2 Vs Kingston Nets 5

MK Dons 10 Vs MK Netters 3

Clan Netball 1 Vs Kingston Nets 7

MK Dons 8 Vs Kingston Nets 1

MK Netters 6 Vs Clan Netball 5


1. MK Dons: W 3, D 0, L 0, PTS 6 (Q)

2. Kingston Nets: W 2, D 0, L 1, PTS 4 (Q)

3. MK Netters NC: W 1, D 0, L 2, PTS 2

4. Clan Netball: W 0, D 0, L 3, PTS 0

Group B

Fareham Firefly's 3 Vs AP Saints NC 6

Eagles Netball U13's 3 Vs Crystal Palace 1

Fareham Firefly's 4 Vs Eagles Netball U13's 13

AP Saints NC 4 Vs Crystal Palace 6

Fareham Firefly's 6 Vs Crystal Palace NC 8

AP Saints NC 1 Vs Eagles Netball U13's 10


1. Eagles Netball U13's: W 3, D 0, L 0, PTS 6 (Q)

2. Crystal Palace NC: W 1, D 0, L 2, PTS 2 (Q)

3. AP Saints NC: W 1, D 0, L 2, PTS 2 (Q)

4. Fareham Firefly's: W 0, D 0, L 3, PTS 0

Group C

Eagles Netball U14's 5 Vs Abbey Flyers Nomads 3

Wodson Park 7 Vs Jelly Netball 3

Eagles Netball U14's 12 Vs Wodson Park 2

Jelly Netball 5 Vs Abbey Flyers Nomads 4

Eagles Netball U14's 12 Vs Jelly Netball 0

Abbey Flyers Nomads 7 Vs Wodson Park 6


1. Eagles Netball U14's: W 3, D 0, L 0, PTS 6 (Q)

2. Wodson Park NC: W 1, D 0, L 2, PTS 2 (Q)

3. Abbey Flyers Nomads: W 1, D 0, L 2, PTS 2 (Q)

4. Jelly Netball: W 1, D 0, L 2, PTS 2

Quarter Finals

Eagles Netball U14's 11 Vs AP Saints NC 2

Eagles Netball U13's 2 Vs Abbey Flyers Nomads 6

MK Dons 6 Vs Wodson Park 7

Crystal Palace NC 6 Vs Kingston NC 3

Semi Finals

Eagles Netball U14's 9 Vs Crystal Palace NC 2

Abbey Flyers Nomads 7 Vs Wodson Park 5

3rd/4th Play-Off

Crystal Palace NC 11 Vs Wodson Park NC 5


Eagles Netball U14's 16 Vs Abbey Flyers Nomads 4

This competition has now reached beyond the half way mark. The ENG U14's Netball Cup now moves West for what is a new location for this event on June 8th at the University of West England Sports Centre.

Massive thank you also to all the teams who competed and the amazing support from the parents who travelled to watch and support their children.

The Road To Liverpool Has Started!


Winners: Eagles Netball U14's, Runners Up: Abbey Flyers Nomads, 3rd: Crystal Palace, 4th: Wodson Park NC