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Eagles NC won the opening regional finals of the 2022 ENG U16 Netball Cup. The Berkshire based side sailed through the group stages before encountering some worthy challengers in Magic NC in the semi-finals and then AP Saints NC in the final. What made this victory even more impressive was because the Eagles NC side were a U15 team in a U16 competition.

AP Saints who were equally as impressive as Eagles NC because they also brought a U15 team to compete in this event and entertained from start to finish in what was a more brutal and challenging day for London based side. In the group stages they were in full control of the narrative until MK Dons produced a brilliant performance to stop them winning all their games and it was a warmup for what was to come in the semi-finals. With both teams winning their quarter final ties they played out the game of the day in what was a hostile crowd. Both sides couldn't find the breathing space to find some comfort within the game and it was goal for goal through-out. The game went to extra time and MK Dons unfortunately lost the ball off their centre pass straight away and AP Saints capitalised on that and went down the other end to score two times to seal the win.

MK Dons overcame Magic NC in the 3rd/4th play-off game which still meant both qualified, but MK Dons got the bronze medal and a slightly higher seeding place for the national finals in December.


Group A

AP Saints (7) Vs Aces (6)

Sutton Town (10) Vs Magic NC (4)

Magic NC Black (0) Vs Eagles NC (13)

Sutton Town (8) Vs AP Saints NC (4)

Aces NC (9) Vs Sutton Town (12)

Eagles NC (13) Vs AP Saints (3)

AP Saints (5) Vs Magic NC Black (6)

Eagles NC (10) Vs Aces NC (4)

Sutton Town (6) Vs Eagles NC (10)

Magic NC (2) Vs Aces NC (9)

Group B

AP Saints (13) Vs TTNC (4)

Abbey Flyers Nomads (7) Vs MK Dons (8)

MK Dons (6) Vs Magic NC Pink (7)

Abbey Flyers Nomads (4) Vs AP Saints (9)

TTNC (8) Vs Abbey Flyers Nomads (5)

Magic NC Pink (4) Vs AP Saints (7)

AP Saints (7) Vs MK Dons (8)

Magic NC Pink (10) Vs TTNC (6)

Abbey Flyers Nomads (5) Vs Magic NC Pink (7)

MK Dons (7) Vs TTNC (8)

Quarter Finals

TTNC (1) Vs Eagles NC (11)

Sutton Town (7) Vs MK Dons (9)

AP Saints U15 (8) Vs AP Saints NC U16 (5)

Magic Pink (8) Vs Aces NC (6)

Semi Finals

AP Saints (12) Vs MK Dons (9)

Eagles NC (10) Vs Magic Pink (6)

3rd/4th Play-Off

MK Dons (7) Vs Magic Pink (5)


Eagles NC (16) Vs AP Saints (8)

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