Ellesmere Port Youth won both ENG Online Netball Cup 2020 competitions after an incredible performance in both finals against Kingsway Power to be crowned champions of this online event which captivated the youth netball world.

The first team to secure the victory was Ellesmere Port White who had navigated themselves into the final in a ruthless style. Their biggest test prior to the final game was against their own side Ellesmere Port Navy which they just got past with a 153-150 win in the semi-finals. The final was going to be against Kingsway Power who had a similar route to the final and they had also won this team event 2x previously in a slightly different version of this online event.

As the first game got underway Erin (EP Netball) took on Nellie (KWP) and everyone knew that the room for error was going to be minimal. As we got to the halfway mark both girls still hadn't missed and they were both of course for record scores. As the game ended both were jubilant because know one had missed with both girls getting 36 goals each which was an incredible start to this U10 final.

Up next Georgia took on Tess and the game once again took on the same shape as the first with both girls near enough shooting perfect rounds. It was Tess though from KWP who just edged this game with a score of 32 to Georgia's 31.

So we were at the midway stage and small errors were going to play a huge factor in how this game would evolve. In the 3rd round, it was Ava taking on Lola and this game was the one that was going to turn the tide on this brilliant final after Ava shot a record 36 goals to Lola 24 goals and EP Netball were in control of this fixture.

The last two rounds were all about seeing whether EP Netball would slip up against a KWP side who never knows when to give up. Sophia took on Tilly and won with a score of 36-27 which meant it was down to Pearl from EP Netball to secure the victory for her team and she was up against Daisy Hudson who had won the individual MVP event previously. As the game got underway Daisy could only hope for a miracle against Pearl and with Pearl shooting so well it was unlikely to happen but the KWP star still managed to record the best score ever in this event with a total of 38 but it wasn't enough because Pearl also recorded her best ever score of 33 to secure the win for EP Netball White with the total score being 172-157.

After the success of their U10 side, the U13's found themselves up against Kingsway Power in the final of this competition. Ellesmere Port swept aside all their opponents leading to this game with KWP having a tough game in the semi-finals against TTNC Trojans where they won the tie in the final round. It was going to be another great match up between two really good teams.

In the opening round, KWP took an early lead with Isobel scoring her personal best score of 34 goals to Ella's score of 33 which needed to happen because of the lack of mistakes EP Netball make in this event so KWP had to bring their best performances.

Up next Lucy took on Olivia and once again the game was fought right to the very end with both girls matching ti each other goal for goal all the way up to the end. There was a slight confusion with the scores but eventually, it came back that both girls had scored 31 goals each and the score was still on a knife-edge.

With the opening rounds being so close the 3rd round is always the one that is the most important because normally determines how the game will go. In this round, Tennille took on Lucy and EP Netball like the U10 fixture finally got the daylight between the scores they were after with Lucy winning 32-26 against Tennille and giving them the slender win going into the final two games.

Becky was up against Leah next in Round 4 and Becky had to try her best to give KWP the best chance of winning this game going into the final round. Both girls fought brilliantly and Becky just edged the contest with a score of 33 to Leah's 32 and we were heading for an amazing finish to this competition.

Finally, after weeks of excitement, drama, tears and joy the final game of the ENG Online Netball Cup 2020 was to take place and Georgia Parkinson had the job of trying to claw back four points for KWP against her former teammate Libby Canham who had won the MVP competition the day previously. Both girls started the game nervously but soon got into their stride and were matching each other shot for shot. As the seconds ticked by Georgia needed Libby to make errors but it just wasn't happening and when the final shout came to stop it was confirmed that EP Netball were the champions after both girls had recorded a score of 33. The final score was KWP 157 - 161 EP Netball.


Thank you, everyone, who got involved and we hope ENG Sports UK managed to bring that competition feeling during this lockdown period to netball clubs across the country.