• League will be separated into two regions (North & South) with there being a U12 & U13 league for each.

  • Locations for the league will be 3X centralised locations. (North - Manchester, Leeds, Middlesbrough, South - High Wycombe, Bristol, Birmingham)

  • All teams will play 9x games in a season (Based on a 10 team league)

  • 2x games will be played each round

  • All games will be played on a Saturday

  • 2 points for a win,1 point for a draw.

  • Top 4 teams progress to grand finals.

  • Bottom 2 teams relegated from the league. (If more than one league then the teams will just go down a league)


  • Same 7 a-side netball rules as stated by England Netball but the only change will be that you can bring subs into the game using a roll on roll off subsystem.

  • 32-minute games.


  • ENG Sports UK will have dedicated head umpires for each location. These umpires will organise suitable umpires for the games and will be your point of contact if you have a query about decisions during the game. You all will have access to an email address you can contact them on.

  • All umpires on game day will come with no extra charge.

  • Scoretakers will be provided by ENG Sports UK.

Live Stream:

  • All games will be live to watch online. (Based on availability)

  • Make sure permission is given before committing.

  • All clubs must sign to say all players are able to appear on the live stream. 


  • The league will have a dedicated website (www.engynpl.co.uk)

  • Website will be updated after every round where you can access scores and league tables.

  • All clubs will have links on the website to their websites and a description of their club.

  • Dedicated ENG YNPL Youtube channel will be created which will have all games uploaded and interviews from each round of games from coaches and players.

Qualifying Tournament:

  • If we go beyond the 10 team limit for each league there will be a qualifying tournament to see what leagues teams go into or if teams are able to compete in the league. We are looking to hold this on October 31st/November 1st.

Format (Qualifying Tournament)

  • Outdoor venue

  • Umpires provided

  • 8 min games

  • Group stages followed by a knock-out tournament.

  • Depending on where teams come depends on what league they go into or whether they are not entered into the league.

Potential Start Dates:


October 31st/November 1st - Qualifying Tournament (If needed)

Northern Conference U12/U13  - November 14th (Round 1)

Southern Conference U12/U13 - November 21st (Round 1)

Northern Conference U12/U13 - December 5th (Round 2)

Southern Conference U12/U13 - December 12th (Round 2)


*All games will be played on the same day with an allocated time slot given to each team depending on the distance they are travelling.


Costs Involved:

  • £50 Entry fee into qualifying tournament (If needed)

  • £175 League Entry

  • £5 Entry fee for people attending the games to watch.

  • PPV stream will come at a cost but will be confirmed.

Secure your place:

If you would like to secure your place in the ENG Youth Netball Premier League you need to pay a £50 deposit. You have until September 1st to sign up and then we will determine whether we need to hold a qualifying tournament or just release the paperwork for clubs to sign to start the league. This deposit is refundable if we cannot facilitate the plan we have due to the COVID 19 outbreak. Also if a qualifying tournament is needed this deposit will go towards putting that event together.

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