ENG has been busy over the past 14 months putting on events for the netball community. With everything we have done, there has been plenty of stats recorded and we want to challenge you on how much you know about the teams and athletes who have been involved within our competitions and workshops. 


Below is a quiz and all you have to do is answer the questions and the person with the most answers will win an ENG Nike training top and t-shirt. Answers must be emailed to contact@engsportsuk.co.uk or sent via our social media platforms.


Entries are for netball players only under the age of 16 and when you send your answers you must let us know your name, age and club you play for. Parents can message on child's behalf.

Entries will be closed on Monday, April 5th.

Good luck!


1. Who won the ENG U12 Netball Cup 2019 competition?

A: Tameside NC

B: Eagles NC

C: Turnford NC

2. Who captained Chester NC when they won the ENG U14 2019 Netball Cup competition?

A: Jess Sedman

B: Millie Lawton

C: Eve Cooper

3. Who was the first team ever to sign up to an ENG Netball Cup event?

A: Wodson Park NC

B: MK Netters NC

C: Abbey Flyers Nomads

4. What club does ENG athlete Isabel Lock play for?

A: Stratford Thunderbirds 

B: Parkside NC

C: Sutton Town NC

5. Who won the ENG U16 Netball Cup 2019 Competition?

A: Oldham NC

B: Grangetown NC

C: Tameside NC

6. Who was the MVP at the ENG U16 Netball Super Cup finals?

A: Savannah Dada-Mascoll

B: Gabby Lavorini

C: Beatrice Felipes

7. Which team defeated Oldham NC at the ENG U16 2019 Netball Cup National Finals?

A: AP Saints NC

B: Trafford Juniors

C: Weston Park Blades

8. What position did Leeds Athletic come at our ENG U14 2019 Netball Cup Nationals?

A: 1st

B: 2nd

C: 3rd

9. Who won the ENG U12 Netball Cup 2020 Nationals?

A. Turnford NC

B. Poole NC

C. Matrix NC

10. What team does ENG athlete Amelia Mead play for?

A: MK Netters

B: MK Dons

C: Team Beds

11. Who won the ENG U14 2019 Netball Cup Western Finals?

A: Wimborne NC

B: Team Bath

C: Woodley NC

12. What coach won the first-ever ENG Netball Cup National title?

A: Alison Akinrinlola

B: Sharron Lewis Burke

C: Lauren Palmer

13. What regional ENG Netball Cup event was most spectated?

A: Northern 2020 U12 Finals

B: Central 2019 U14 Finals

C: Southern 2020 U12 Finals

14. What was the name of the performer at our U14 2019 Netball Cup Nationals?

A: Danny Charles

B: IMD Legion

C: Heshima Thompson

15. Where was the ENG U16 Netball Super Cup held?

A: Gibraltar

B: Malta

C: Switzerland

16. Who was the MVP of the ENG U12-14 Gold Cup workshop Central Finals?

A: Isabel Lock

B: Isabella Balzaretti 

C: Mia Sheffield

17. What does ENG Stand for?
A: England

B: Eat Nuggets Good

C: Earned Not Given

18. Which team won the ENG U12 Netball Cup 2020 Central Finals?

A: Parkside NC

B: Sutton Town

C: Teignbridge Titans

19. What team does ENG athlete Daisy Lees play for?

A: Tameside NC

B: Oldham NC

C: Kingsway Power NC

20. Who did Weston Park Blades defeat in the final of the ENG U16 2019 Netball Cup Southern Finals?

A: Aces NC

B: AP Saints NC

C: Rushmoor NC

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