The event that has been rocking the netball world will reach its final outcome on December 8th. After four hotly-contested regional rounds, fifteen teams remain and they will be going up against each other to claim the ENG U16's National title plus win that all-important trip to Gibraltar

On December 8th the finalists have been put into three groups of five, the top three and the best runner-up will proceed straight into the quarter-finals. The bottom-placed teams will be eliminated from the event with the rest of the teams having to battle each other in the quarter-final play-offs to see who plays who in the quarter-finals. Once the quarter-finals have been played it will then be all about what teams can hold their nerve and go on and win the competition.

Below are the official groups for the event and also the draw as it happened.

Group A

Teignbridge Titans

Weston Park Blades

Ryland NC

Aces Netbal

Rushmoor NC

Group B

Oldham NC

Poole Netball Club

AP Saints NC

Trafford Juniors

Suffolk Rockets NC

Group C

Kent County NC A

Tameside NC

Team Beds

Kent County NC B

Grangetown NC

Not only do we have a great day planned, but we also have the amazing IMD Legion attending to perform a live routine before the event starts and we have Commonwealth Games winning captain Ama Agbeze attend to hand out the awards to the winning teams on the day.

You can now book tickets for the competition on December 8th via the link below and we at ENG Sports UK can't stress enough the importance of making sure you attend to support your child and their team. Please come along, make alot of noise and let's make this a day to remember for everyone involved.

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