Kingsway Power & YWCA Bury Black were victorious in the ENG Netball Cup Knock Out Series national finals after battling their way through six rounds to confirm they're No.1 in the country at a U14 & U16 level. This was a great finale to a competition that was disrupted so many times due to lockdowns and isolations but in the end was a huge success.

After such a long period without these big national events it was great to have the excitement of having the best netball teams from across the country congregate to the WLV Gym in Walsall. Over two hundred supporters were excited to be supporting their teams in what was going to be an exciting day watching the teams lock horns and seeing who would come out on top.

The U14 age group got the competition underway with Kingston NC & Teignbridge Titans coming out on top against MK Dons & Magic NC. KWP defeated CD Phoenix to also proceed to the semi finals and MK Dons were thrown a life line after they qualified for the semi finals after being the best losing team based on goals scored.

Next up the U16 who's teams were full of future Superleague players locked horns and it was YWCA Bury who advanced first into the semi-finals after a win over Teignbridge Titans. Next up we had a mouth watering tie between YWCA Bury Black who were hotly tipped to do well and Chester Tigers who's team had won our U14 Nationals back in 2019. Chester Tigers started brightly and looked comfortable through-out until the final quarter when YWCA Bury Black realised they needed to score over twenty six goals to advance as the best losing team. Not only did Bury Black do this, they nearly caught up with Chester Tigers who were relieved when the final whistle was blown. Grangetown NC took on MK Dons in the other game and it was competitive through-out with MK Dons showing a bit more durability in the final quarter to take the win.

Next up, the U14 semi finals and it was relatively straight forward wins for Teignbridge Titans and KWP over MK Dons and Kingston NC. Both these sides had met earlier in the year in another netball national final which KWP came out on top, so it was going to be interesting to see how the final of this one would play out.

The U16 semi-finals saw a all YWCA Bury match-up which wasn't ideal for both sides, but they asserted themselves well and competed hard, and it was the YWCA Bury Black side that came out on top and proceeded to the final. Chester Tigers took on MK Dons in a rematch of semi-final game they played earlier in the year in another netball national event. On that occasion Chester Tigers came out on top, but this time around MK Dons were out for revenge and completely took the game to Chester Tigers who just couldn't cope with their impressive GA. Chester Tigers never really got going in this game which was credit to the intensity MK Dons brought to the game and it was MK Dons who advanced to the final against YWCA Bury Black.

It was the time of the top four games in the U14 and there was a controversial win for MK Dons against Kingston in heated game between the two sides. Kingston had earlier won against MK Dons, but this time around MK Dons turned the tables in a classic smash and grab type of performance to claim the 3rd place position. The final between KWP & Teignbridge started well with both sides going toe to toe in the opening quarter with Teignbridge probably being more of the frustrated side after they turned over the ball several times without punishing KWP. In the second quarter and thereafter KWP moved through the gears to record a convincing win and their first ever ENG Netball National Title.

Finally, we reached the U16 top four games and in the 3rd/4th play-off YWCA Bury took advantage of a Chester Tigers side who looked shell shocked after their loss to MK Dons and claimed the 3rd place finish and medal to cap off a successful tournament. The final was hotly anticipated with MK Dons & YWCA Bury Black coming off the back of good semi-final wins. MK Dons started better out of the two sides but were not as clinical as they were in the semi-final which always allowed YWCA Bury Black to stay within touching distance of them through the first couple of quarters. Once we reached the third quarter Bury were looking the stronger and you could feel they were starting to take control of the game. In the final quarter Bury continued to break down MK Dons and were looking guaranteed to win, but everytime you felt Bury would pull away MK Dons came back and put them under pressure. With two points separating the sides, MK Dons could of pulled it back to one to intensify the pressure on Bury with about a minute to go, but unfortunately the attack broke down and Bury saw the game out and like KWP recorded their first ever ENG netball national finals win.

Results U14

Quarter Finals

MK Dons 35 Vs Kingston NC 41

Teignbridge Titans 31 Vs Magic NC 18

Kingsway Power 36 Vs Magic NC 18

Semi Finals

Kingsway Power 48 Vs Kingston NC 25

Teignbridge Titans 37 Vs MK Dons 31

5th-6th Play-Off

Magic NC 27 Vs CD Phoenix 28

3rd/4th Play-Off

MK Dons 35 Vs Kingston NC 31


Kingsway Power 46 Vs Teignbridge Titans 27

Awards U14

1st: Kingsway Power

2nd: Teignbridge Titans

3rd: MK Dons

MVP: Daisy Lees (Kingsway Power)

Results U16

Quarter Finals

YWCA Bury U16 45 Vs Teignbridge Titans 26

MK Dons 28 Vs Grangetown NC 20

YWCA Bury Black 28 Vs Chester Tigers 30

Semi Final

Chester Tigers 17 Vs MK Dons 39

YWCA Bury Black 37 Vs YWCA Bury U16 29

5th-6th Play-Off

Grangetown NC 39 Vs Teignbridge Titans 29

3rd/4th Play-Off

Chester Tigers 24 Vs YWCA Bury U16 30


YWCA Bury Black 35 Vs MK Dons 33

Awards U16

1st: YWCA Bury Black

2nd: MK Dons

3rd: YWCA Bury

MVP: Issy Kaye (MK Dons)