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Kingsway Power U11 survived a couple of scares on their way to winning the first ever ENG U11 Netball Cup Northern Finals. After getting through the group stages with with ease, they came unstuck against their U10 side who really pushed them and made them work for the win. In the final it was another close contest against rivals Oldham NC, which they won in the final couple of minutes of the game.

Other teams to impress was the Kingsway Power U10 side who set the tone for their performance early on when they competed so courageously against Oldham in their opening game. They continued that form throughout the group stages and managed to reach the 3rd/4th play-off. They took on Leeds Athletic in this tie and won 4-2 to come overall third place in the competition.

Oldham NC got better as the competition went on and if more clinical in the final against Kingsway Power could of sneaked the win against their arch rivals. The game was finely poised with the score 9-8 to Kingsway Power. Oldham managed to get a vital turnover with one minute to go and knew if successfully scored they would have the centre pass which meant they could go on and win the game. Unfortunately some great defending from KWP stopped this outcome materializing and they fell short, but at the same time did themselves proud which such a good performance.

Leeds Athletic will be frustrated not to of ended the competition in third place after losing in the 3rd/4th play-off game against Kingsway Power U10. In the group stages they were heavily beaten by the KWP U11 side in their opening game, but showed real improvement when playing them again in the bonus round. They took that form into the Oldham game in the semi-finals and pushed them all the way before falling short.


Group A

Wyre NC 5 Vs Tameside NC 4

Oldham NC 9 Vs KWP U10 (6)

KWP U10 8 Vs Wyre NC 2

Oldham NC 8 Vs Tameside NC 4

Wyre NC 5 Vs Oldham NC 11

KWP U10 (3) Vs Tameside NC 3

Oldham NC 8 Vs KWP U10 (5)

Wyre NC 4 Vs Tameside NC 9

Group B

Durham Palatinates 0 Vs Leeds Athletic 17

KWP U11 (11) Vs Trafford NC 0

Trafford NC 13 Vs Durham Palatinates 0

KWP U11 (11) Vs Leeds Athetic 1

Durham Palatinates 0 Vs KWP U11 (19)

Trafford NC 2 Vs Leeds Athletic 6

KWP U11 (11) Vs Leeds Athletic 5

Trafford NC (14) Vs Durham Palatinates 1

Quarter Finals

Oldham NC 13 Vs Durham Palatinates 0

KWP U11 (13) Vs Wyre NC 1

KWP U10 (10) Vs Trafford NC 4

Leeds Athletic 10 Vs Tameside NC 2

Semi Finals

Oldham NC 7 Vs Leeds Athletic 5

KWP U10 (6) Vs KWP U11 (7)

3rd/4th Play-Off

KWP U10 (4) Vs Leeds Athletic 2


Oldham NC 8 Vs KWP U11 (10)

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