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Kingsway Power won the opening regional heat of the 2023 ENG U12 Netball Cup at the Ellesmere Port Sports Village. They defeated Leeds Athletic to become the Northern Champions in what looked like a comfortable path to the final due to some impressive scorelines. In the final, Leeds Athletic put pressure on Kingsway Power by turning the ball over on numerous occasions, but they couldn't execute due to the intensity of the KWP defense. This was the third regional title the club has won in it's short history competing in these events and they now go into the nationals as the No.1 seed from the North.

Leeds Athletic will be frustrated they couldn't capitalise on the errors they forced in the final but are constantly showing an improvement in their performances and will be confident they can defeat KWP if they were to play again. The other two sides to qualify for the nationals were Oldham NC & Ellesmere Port. Oldham NC bounced back from a indifferent group stage performance which saw them narrowly come second after two defeats. Ellesmere Port on the other hand looked more impressive in the group stages but came unstuck against a Oldham NC side in the 3rd/4th play-off who improved as the event progressed.



Group A

Oldham NC (7) Vs Wildcats (1)

YWCA Bury (3) Vs KWP (10)

KWP (8) Vs Tameside NC (2)

YWCA Bury (4) Vs Oldham NC (3)

Wildcats (4) Vs YWCA Bury (2)

Tameside NC (6) Vs Oldham NC (8)

Oldham NC (4) Vs KWP (7)

Tameside NC (7) Vs Wildcats (3)

YWCA Bury (5) Vs Tameside NC (4)

KWP (11) Vs Wildcats (4)

Group B

Ellesmere Port (6) Vs NW Sapphires (5)

Chester NC (4) Vs Trafford NC (4)

Trafford NC (1) Vs Leeds Athletic (14)

Chester NC (5) Vs Ellesmere Port (11)

NW Sapphires (9) Vs Chester NC (9)

Leeds Athletic (5) Vs Ellesmere Port (3)

Trafford NC (3) Vs Ellesmere Port (11)

Leeds Athletic (5) Vs NW Sapphires (0)

Chester NC (3) Vs Leeds Athletic (12)

Trafford NC (3) Vs NW Sapphires (6)

Quarter Finals Play-offs

Wildcats (7) Vs Chester NC (8)

Tameside NC (6) Vs Trafford NC (4)

Quarter Finals

NW Sapphores (0) Vs Oldham NC (5)

Chester NC (4) Vs KWP (15)

YWCA Bury (6) Vs Ellesmere Port (8)

Leeds Athletic (6) Vs Tameside NC (0)

Semi Finals

Leeds Athletic (4) Vs Oldham NC (2)
Ellesmere Port (6) Vs KWP (12)

3rd/4th Play-Off

Oldham NC (9) Vs Ellemsere Port (7)


Leeds Athletic (6) Vs KWP (10)

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