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Magic NC stormed to victory in the ENG U12 Netball Cup Eastern Finals after an incredible performance in the final against Turnford, where they won 15-2 against the current fourth place team in our Youth Netball Premier League. Through-out the event Magic looked strong and barely put a foot wrong in the games leading up to the final. The danger of playing so well is you may play your worse game when it truly matters and going into the final there was a small danger this could happen with the finalists being Turnford. As the game got underway there was a ruthless edge about Magic who completely overwhelmed Turnford and forced them into multiple errors early on which gave them a clear lead going into half time. In the second half Magic continued to force errors and were near perfection in their execution and were crowned champions of the East.

AP Saints NC who currently are in the YNPL relegation zone showed a huge improvement in this cup event to secure a third place finish. They battled hard through out the event and won the 3rd/4th play-off game to qualify for the nationals on March 26th at the Essex Sports Arena.



Marine NC (4) Vs Manor NC (3)

Turnford NC (2) Vs Magaic NC (10)

Magic NC (10) Vs AP Saints NC (6)

Turnford NC (12) Vs Marine NC (0)

Manor NC (6) Vs Turnford NC (8)

AP Saints NC (12) Vs Marine NC (2)

Magic NC (14) Vs Marine NC (1)

AP Saints NC (9) Vs Manor NC (3)

Turnford NC (9) Vs AP Saints NC (6)

Magic NC (14) Vs Manor NC (4)

Semi-Final Play-Off

Marine NC (3) Vs Manor NC (4)

Semi Finals

AP Saints NC (6) Vs Turnford NC (8)
Magic NC (12) Vs Manor NC (2)

3rd/4th Play-Off

AP Saints NC (11) Vs Manor NC (3)


Magic NC (15) Vs Turnford NC (2)

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