Magic NC won their first ever ENG netball competition after a hard fought win in the ENG U16 Netball Cup 2022 Southern Finals. They overcame Aces NC 9-2 in the final to become champions but not before pulling off a dramatic semi final win over TTNC Warriors, where they scored in the closing five seconds to reach the final. They now join YWCA Bury as one of the top seeds going into the national finals on May 22nd.

The magic of this competition is that it brings that element of surprise and during the group stages we witnessed that surprise outcome on one occasion when AP Saints NC drew with TTNC Spartans 7-7. As we moved into the knock-out rounds it was clear that TTNC were the side to beat and the other teams needed to up their game to stop them claiming their third ENG Netball Cup win.

The quarter finals panned out in the way the tables suggested it would and it was looking likely it would be a TTNC final due to their performance levels up until this point. As the semi finals got underway we quickly realised Magic Pink & Aces NC weren't going to allow the TTNC sides to have a straight forward path to the final. Both teams managed to get leads in the game, but at the same time both sides were doing their best to unravel the great work they were doing by allowing TTNC to get back in the tie. With only seconds remaining we unbelievably found ourselves with both semi final games level and even more incredible both the Magic & Aces shooters both had shooting opportunities. As the five second countdown began both shooters needed to show nerves of steel to put their sides into the final. The sports arena fell silent as the ball made it's way to the net and as the countdown hit one second both shots cleared the net and sent Magic & Aces into the final.

You always find after such intense semi finals the medal games never live up to the previous round due to how intense and energy sapping it was. TTNC Warriors easily won against their Spartans side and Magic NC were relieved to just have an easier game against Aces NC who had done incredible to reach the final.


Group A

AP Saints NC U15 7 Vs Downs NC 11

Magic Pink 7 Vs TTNC Spartans 12

Magic NC Pink 12 Vs Waverley NC 5

TTNC Spartans 8 Vs Downs NC 5

TTNC Spartans 7 Vs AP Saints NC U15 7

Waverley NC 2 Vs Downs NC 7

Downs NC 3 Vs Magic Pink 8

AP Saints NC U15 4 Vs Waverley NC 12

Waverley NC 3 Vs TTNC Spartans 11

Magic NC 10 Vs AP Saints NC U15 5

Group B

Magic Black 2 Vs Aces NC 6

AP Saints NC U16 5 Vs TTNC Warriors 14

Magic NC Black 3 Vs AP Saints NC U16 5

Aces NC 4 Vs TTNC Warriors 14

Magic NC Black 9 Vs TTNC Warriors 16

Aces NC 9 Vs AP Saints NC U16 3

Aces NC 6 Vs TTNC Warriors 12

Magic Black 7 Vs AP Saints NC U16 4

















Quarter Finals

TTNC Warriors 11 Vs Waverley NC 3

Magic Pink 7 Vs Magic Black 4

TTNC Spartans 14 Vs AP Saints U16 2

Aces NC 7 Vs Downs NC 3

Semi Finals

TTNC Warriors 8 Vs Magic Pink 9

Aces NC 6 Vs TTNC Spartans NC 5

3rd/4th Play Off

TTNC Warriors 23 Vs TTNC Spartans 9


Magic NC Pink 9 Vs Aces NC 2


Magic NC win in the final seconds against TTNC Warriors

Moment Magic NC become champions of the south