Matrix NC who are based in Oxfordshire won a thrilling ENG U14's Netball Central Finals event after winning 13-2 against Ryland NC. But the win wasn't as straight forward as you would of expect with Matrix NC being pushed all the way in the semi-final against Barr Beacon Blaze NC with the game going to overtime and then a golden goal situation before Matrix NC finally won the game 10-9. They now head into the nationals not only as one of the top seeds but as the best team in the regional's after recording maximum points and the best goals for tally.

Ryland NC came runners up and there route to the final was packed with drama with their semi-final also being a draw and they eventually won 7-5 against Charnwood Rutland NC to book their place at the nationals. Finally in 3rd Barr Beacon Blaze who were supported by an excellent fan base won the 3rd/4th play-off against Charnwood Rutland NC 9-6. Charnwood Rutland NC scored 37 goals which meant they were eliminated from the event with Herts Hornets NC qualifying as the events best 4th place team.


Group A

King Edward Handsworth School 3 Vs Bridgnorth B 4

Ryland NC 6 Vs Charnwood Rutland  NC 2

King Edward Handsworth School 1 Vs Ryland NC 10

Bridgnorth B 4 Vs Charnwood Rutland NC 7

King Edward Handsworth School 1 Vs Charnwood Rutland NC 10

Bridgnorth B 0 Vs Ryland NC 11


1. Ryland NC: W 3, D 0, L 0, PTS 6 (Q)

2. Charnwood Rutland NC: W 2, D 0, L 1, PTS 4 (Q)

3. Bridgnorth B: W 1, D 0, L 2, PTS 2

4. King Edward Handsworth School: W 0, D 0, L 3, PTS 0

Group B

Stratford Thunderbird Ballers 6 Vs Barr Beacon Blaze 8

Sutton Royals 6 Vs Bridgnorth A 2

Stratford Thunderbirds Ballers 8 Vs Sutton Royals 6

Barr Beacon Blaze 5 Vs Bridgnorth A 4

Stratford Thunderbirds Ballers 7 Vs Bridgnorth A 1

Barr Beacon Blaze 8 Vs Sutton Royals 2


1. Barr Beacon Blaze: W 3, D 0, L 0, PTS 6 (Q)

2. Stratford Thunderbirds Ballers: W 2, D 0, L 1, PTS 4 (Q)

3. Sutton Royals: W 1, D 0, L 2, PTS 2 (Q)

4. Bridgnorth A: W 0, D 0, L 3, PTS 0

Group C

Stratford Thunderbirds Blazers 1 Vs Elmdon NC 6

Barr Beacon Bolts 1 Vs Matrix NC 10

Stratford Thunderbirds Blazers 4 Vs Barr Beacon Bolts 6

Elmdon NC 3 Vs Matrix NC 9

Stratford Thunderbirds Blazers 3 Vs Matrix NC 4

Elmdon NC 8 Vs Barr Beacon Bolts 4


1. Matrix NC: W 3, D 0, L 0, PTS 6 (Q)

2. Elmdon NC: W 2, D 0, L 1, PTS 4 (Q)

3. Barr Beacon Bolts: W 1, D 0, L 2, PTS 2 (Q)

4. Stratford Thunderbirds Blazers: W 0, D 0, L 3, PTS 0

Quarter Finals

Ryland NC 7 Vs Barr Beacon Bolts 3

Matrix NC 14 Vs Sutton Royals 4

Barr Beacon Blaze 10 Vs Elmdon NC 3

Stratford Thunderbirds Ballers 6 Vs Charnwood Rutland NC 7

Semi Finals

Ryland NC 7 Vs Charnwood Rutland NC 5

Matrix NC 10 Vs Barr Beacon Blaze 9

3rd/4th Play-Off

Barr Beacon Blaze NC 9 Vs Charnwood Rutland NC 6


Matrix NC 13 Vs Ryland NC 3

The regional heats for the ENG U14's Netball Cup is now complete. Sixteen of the best teams will descend on the Hull University Sports Centre on July 7th to see who has what it takes to be our No.1 team and win a VIP trip to the Netball World Cup


Massive thank you to everyone for coming it's been amazing from start to finish.

The Road To Liverpool Will End On July 7th.


Winners: Matrix NC Runners Up: Ryland NC, 3rd: Barr Beacon Blaze, 4th: Charnwood Rutland NC