Name: Richard Tweed

Role: Director

About: Richard manages all the day to day running of the business and is tasked with creating new and innovative ideas to help inspire athletes across the country and spread the ENG ethos which is earning your right to win. Being involved in the sporting world most his life Richard has the experience to understand what athletes want from the sports they play.


Name: Natasha Taylor

Role: Head of Administration

About: Natasha has been involved with ENG Sports UK since it was established in November 2018. She is pivotal to ensuring all events run smoothly by managing all admin leading up to our competitions, leagues and workshops. Natasha also attends the events we put on ensuring it's smooth running.


Name: Katie Jenkins

Role: Event Manager

About: Katie has been working for ENG Sports UK since it began in November 2018. Katie helps with the planning of our competitions, leagues and workshops which involves organising venues, sourcing officials and contacting coaches to coach our workshops. Katie also attends our events to ensure it's smooth running.