Since the beginning of our journey within the netball world, ENG Sports UK  has constantly tried to bring forth new ideas to help make our events and experience for teams as exciting as possible.


Our first idea was to introduce roll-on subs during our events. Being new to netball it was a risk to bring in a rule that was unheard of within the youth netball tournament structure, but it was a huge success with teams enjoying the freedom of being able to bring players into the game whenever they liked. This helped to keep everyone in the squad happy and allow coaches to try new ideas which could affect the game on a more regular occasion.

The next pioneering move we made was during the ENG U12 Netball Cup 2020 National Finals. We created a PPV service which would be the first platform within the whole youth sporting structure to offer a service that allowed people to watch youth netball games online at a cost. The service since March 2020 has been implemented within our ENG YNPL and has been an incredible success in not only helping with the financial costs of running these events but creating a service that the competing athletes can be proud to say that somebody has paid to watch them. This gives our league more prestige and provides a level of professionalism never seen before in grassroots netball.

Now we move on to our next idea that was born from the ENG Online Netball Cup that took place in the Summer of 2020. During the lockdown, we engaged the country in a shooting competition that allowed many athletes of all different ages and positions to enjoy the pressure of shooting and enjoy the ultimate thrill of winning a game for their team. 

We thought about how we could recreate this excitement and unforgiving environment within our events and also allow girls who don't normally shoot the chance to experience the thrill of being the match-winning hero. So with alot of thought, we have decided that we will be implementing the netball equivalent of a penalty shoot out within our ENG U14 & U16 Netball Cup Knock Out Series competition starting in April. 


The plan will be to implement it at the semi-final stage of the event, with it only coming into effect if a game is drawn after full time and extra time. If on the rare occasion the game goes to a golden goal scenario it will be replaced with a netball penalty shoot out which will consist of five girls from each team having to shoot from a 9ft distance. This will be done one at a time like the classic football penalty shoot out until a winner is decided.

We feel this will add not only an extraordinary opportunity to showcase the skill of shooting into a netball net under severe pressure from a distance, but it will also present a different challenge to coaches who will have to prepare in some sort of way for the unlikely event this will play out.

All in all, this adds a new dynamic to our events and competitions and will be immensely exciting for anyone taking part and spectating.