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Old Bridgians won the ENG U12 Netball Cup Southern Finals after winning a nail biting final against TTNC. After such a intense game Old Bridgians kept their nerve and won with twenty seconds to go after a smart piece of play that opened up the TTNC defence.

Through-out the competition Old Bridgians looked strong and recorded convincing wins in the group stages, with their only loss coming to TTNC which meant they were came runners up in the group. In the knock-outs they had to work hard for both their wins in the semi finals and final but all in all a deserved win for this talented side.

Well done to TTNC, Falcons and Crossbow who who also qualified for the national finals. Falcons NC & Crossbow competed for the first time at a ENG event and this was a great start, qualifying for such a prestigious national final with the best teams in the country competing.


TTNC (12) Vs Poole NC (1)

Old Bridgians (13) Vs Falcons NC (6)

Magic NC (3) Vs Crossbow NC (6)

Falcons NC (4) Vs AP Saints NC (7)

Crossbow NC (1) Vs TTNC (9)

Magic NC (0) Vs Old Bridgians (12)

Poole NC (1) Vs Crossbow NC (6)

AP Saints NC (5) Vs Magic NC (5)

TTNC (8) Vs Old Bridgians (6)

Magic NC (0) Vs Falcons NC (12)

Old Bridgians (6) Vs Poole NC (2)

TTNC (5) Vs AP Saints NC (3)

Crossbow NC (5) Vs Old Bridgians (8)

Falcons NC (4) Vs TTNC (7)

Poole NC (7) Vs AP Saints NC (4)

TTNC (7) Vs Magic NC (3)

AP Saints NC (3) Vs Crossbow NC (8)

Poole NC (3) Vs Falcons NC (7)

Old Bridgians (11) Vs AP Saints NC (7)

Magic NC (3) Vs Poole NC (2)

Crossbow NC (4) Vs Falcons NC (5)

Semi Final Play-Off

Crossbow NC (7) Vs AP Saints NC (4)

Falcons NC (9) Vs Magic NC (3)


Crossbow NC (1) Vs TTNC (8)

Old Bridgians (10) Vs Falcons NC (7)

3rd/4th Play-Off

Falcons NC (6) Vs Crossbow NC (5)


TTNC (7) Vs Old Bridgians (8)

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