ENG Sports UK is excited to offer your child the chance to compete at the ENG Netball Champions Cup 2021 Elite Competition Workshop competition this April half term. This event is all about educating and preparing your child for competitive match play and will be delivered by elite coaches who will guide athletes through the process and prepare them physically and mentally for the Champions Cup competition at this two day workshop.

ENG Netball Champions Cup 2021

Age Group
  • * Please make sure your child is of a good standard before signing up. (Satellite or County standard)

    * Be aware this workshop will be working towards a competition.

    * Every effort will be made to make our environment COVID 19 safe but will strongly suggest kids bring their own forms of antibacterial wipes, sprays and gels.

    * Workshop needs a minimum of 14 participants for it to go ahead.

    * Closing date for the workshop is 1 week before the event start date

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