Knock-Out Series

ENG Sports UK would like to invite netballers to participate in the ENG Online Shooting Challenge 2021 knock-out series. This competition will see up to 64 girls battle it out to be crowned our national champion and prove they are the No.1 shooter in the country. The winners will win a goody bag of ENG prizes that include sports kit and trainers.


  • All girls entering must be affiliated with an England Netball grassroots club.

  • Girls must be able to play when instructed on all weekends leading up to Feb 14th.

  • Everyone will be guaranteed 2X games.

  • The shooting challenge will last 60 seconds in a best out of 3 scenario.

  • 9+ - 9ft Post Height

  • 11+ - 10ft post height.

  • All shooters must be at least 7ft from the goal post and be directly in front of the goal post.

  • All shooters can have a feeder or something that helps rebound the ball back to them.

  • Shooters must shoot with arm raised above their heads. (Video to follow)

  • Losing player in Round 1 will be entered into the ENG Shooting Challenge Shield event.

  • Draw will be made at random intially and then will follow a orgnaised path all the way to the final.

  • Please be able to connect through zoom.

  • Time slots will be given 24hrs prior to each round starting.

Time Frames

Round 1 - January 16th-17th (10am-4pm)

Round 2 - January 23rd-24th (10am-4pm)

Round 3 - January 30th-31st (12pm-4pm)

Round 4 - February 6th (12pm-3pm)

Round 5 - February 7th (2pm-4pm)

Round 6 - February 13th (3pm)

(Times are based on maximum attendance)


Winner - Trophy, ENG Nike training kit, Netball trainers.

Runner Up - Trophy

3rd - Trophy

Terms and conditions

  • Payment is non-refundable.

  • Event rules are subject to change due amount of people competing.

  • Booking deadline January 14th.

  • A minimum of 32 players must enter in each age group for the event to go ahead.

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