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Eagles NC stormed to victory in our ENG U11 Netball Cup Midlands Finals after a ruthless performance through-out the day to win their first ever regional competition within ENG Sports UK netball structure. They played Ryland NC in the final winning 12-1 to go into the national finals on June 11th as one of the top ranked teams in the competition.

We had seven teams in this competition, with all the teams being placed in one group and their final positions deciding who they played in the knock-out rounds. Sutton Town A were in amazing form through-out the group process and they won the group scoring an impressive 74 goals and only conceding 9 in six games. Ryland NC were the closest to Sutton Town in second place but knew they had to improve to overturn a huge defeat to Sutton Town if they were to meet again in the later stages of the competition. Little Sutton came third with their only two defeats coming to the top two. There was a battle for fourth and it came down to the last game with Sutton Town B and Lyndon Centre playing out one of the most entertaining games of the group to draw and set up a meeting between themselves in the knock-outs. Elmdon grabbed the final qualification spot after a one win.

The knock-outs saw the competition favorites smoothly progress to the latter stages. The most intense game came in the semi final play-offs where Lyndon Centre and Sutton Town B still couldn't be separated after twenty minutes of play. The game went to overtime and it was still a draw, which meant we went to a golden goal scenario. Finally Sutton Town managed to get a quick goal, which ended a highly engaging contest.

In the semi finals, Little Sutton gave Sutton Town A something to think after starting well but couldn't maintain the pressure and Sutton Town cruised into the final along with Ryland NC who dispatached Sutton Town B. The final and 3rd/4th play-off games were relatively uneventful, with wins for Little Sutton and Sutton Town A.


Ryland NC B 1 Vs Elmdon NC 2

Sutton Town 15 Vs Lyndon Centre 1

Ryland NC 5 Vs Sutton Town B 2

Lyndon Centre 1 Vs Little Sutton 6

Sutton Town B 5 Vs Ryland NC B 1

Ryland NC 1 Vs Sutton Town 10

Elmdon NC 3 Vs Sutton Town B 4

Little Sutton 0 Vs Ryland NC 4

Ryland NC B Vs Sutton Town 12

Ryland NC 6 Vs Lyndon Centre 0

Sutton Town 13 Vs Elmdon NC 1

Ryland NC B 1 Vs Little Sutton 10

Sutton Town B 4 Vs Sutton Town 11

Lyndon Centre 3 Vs Ryland NC B 1

Elmdon NC 4 Vs Little Sutton 9

Ryland NC B 1 Vs Ryland NC 11

Little Sutton 9 Vs Sutton Town B 0

Elmdon NC 1 Vs Lyndon Centre 2

Sutton Town 13 Vs Little Sutton 2

Ryland NC 11 Vs Elmdon NC 0

Sutton Town B 4 Vs Lyndon Centre 4

Semi Final Play-Offs

Little Sutton 11 Vs Elmdon NC 2

Sutton Town B 5 Vs Lyndon Centre 4

Semi Finals

Sutton Town A 18 Vs Sutton Town B 1

Ryland NC 5 Vs Little Sutton 2

3rd/4th Play-Off

Little Sutton 9 Vs Sutton Town B 1


Sutton Town A 12 Vs Ryland NC 1

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