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Sutton Town had a couple of scares on route to winning the ENG U12 Netball Cup Midlands Finals at the WLV Gym on February 26th. They overcame Ryland NC in the final in what was a comfortable win, but it was a different story in the group stages when Ryland NC nearly recorded a shock win against the competition favourites. In the semi finals they were made to work hard for the win against Starz NC who were determined to reach the final.

The other teams to qualify for the nationals were Ryland NC, Starz NC and Foxes NC. All these teams will now come together with the rest of the qualifying teams to see who can become No.1 in the country on March 26th at the Essex Sports Arena.


Group A

Foxes NC (4) Vs Starz Blue(3)

Little Sutton (9) Vs Sutton Town B (1)

Sutton Town B (7) Vs Hucclecote NC (6)

Little Sutton (4) Vs Foxes NC (6)

Starz Blue (3) Vs Little Sutton (5)

Hucclecote NC (6) Vs Foxes NC (6)

Foxes NC (8) Vs Sutton Town B (6)

Hucclecote NC (3) Vs Starz NC Blue (2)

Little Sutton (6) Vs Hucclecote (5)

Sutton Town B (1) Vs Hucclecote NC (5)

Group B

Elmdon NC (2) Vs TTNC (5)

Sutton Town (10) Vs Starz Pink (3)

Starz Pink (3) Vs Ryland NC (8)

Sutton Town (20) Vs Elmdon NC (0)

Sutton Town (16) Vs TTNC (0)

Ryland NC (10) Vs Elmdon NC (1)

Starz Pink (10) Vs Elmdon NC (0)

Ryland NC (12) Vs TTNC (1)

Sutton Town (5) Vs Ryland NC (3)

Starz Pink (9) Vs TTNC (3)

Quarter Final Play-Off

Starz Blue (7) Vs Elmdon NC (2)

Sutton Town B (8) Vs TTNC (2)

Quarter Final

Ryland NC (8) Vs Hucclecote (5)

Starz Blue (3) Vs Sutton Town (8)

Starz Pink (7) Vs Little Sutton (4)

Foxes NC (6) Vs Sutton Town B (5)

Semi Finals

Foxes NC (6) Vs Ryland NC (11)

Starz Pink (5) Vs Sutton Town (8)

3rd/4th Play-Off

Starz Pink (13) Vs Foxes NC (5)


Ryland NC (4) Vs Sutton Town (21)

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