Teignbridge Titans came through a tough encounter at the ENG U12 Netball Cup Central Finals on January 18th to claim the title as the U12 Central Champions and win tickets to watch a Superleague game of their choice.


A tough and exciting event saw them draw on points in the group with Parkside and Sutton Town NC, but they came top after scoring most goals in the group and then after didn't look back after they defeated Sutton Town in the final 7-4.

Runners up were Sutton Town NC who had beaten Teignbridge Titans earlier in the group stages and in 3rd was Parkside NC who again performed superbly and will be a great addition to our national final event on March 7th.


Group A

Sutton Town NC 6 Vs Barr Beacon NC 2

Teignbridge Titans 10 Vs Sutton Royals 1

Ryland NC 3 Vs Parkside NC 4

Ryland NC U11 0 Vs Teignbridge Titans 9

Parkside NC 6 Vs Sutton Town NC 4

Sutton Royals 0 Vs Ryland NC 5

Barr Beacon NC 1 Vs Parkside NC 6

Ryland U12 2 Vs Ryland U11 1

Sutton Town NC 9 Vs Sutton Royals 2

Teignbridge Titans 5 Vs Ryland U12 1

Sutton Royals 4 Vs Barr Beacon NC 8

Ryland NC U11 0 Vs Sutton Town NC 5

Sutton Royals 0 Vs Parkside NC 7

Sutton Town NC 7 Vs Teignbridge Titans

Ryland NC U11 3 Vs Barr Beacon NC 2

Sutton Town NC 7 Vs Ryland U12

Parkside NC 7 Vs Ryland NC U11 0

Barr Beacon NC 1 Vs Teignbridge Titans 11

Ryland U11 0 Vs Sutton Royals 1

Ryland U12 3 Vs Barr Beacon NC 2

Teignbridge Titans 5 Vs Parkside NC 4


1st: Teignbridge Titans W 5 D 0 L 1 PTS 10

2nd: Parkside NC W 5 D 0 L 1 PTS 10

3rd: Sutton Town NC W 5 D 0 L 1 PTS 10

4th: Ryland U12 W 3 D 0 L 3 PTS 6

5th: Barr Beacon NC W 1 D 0 L PTS 2

6th: Sutton Royals W 1 D 0 L 5 PTS 2

7th: Ryland NC U11 W 1 D 0 L 5 PTS 0

Semi-Final Play-offs

Sutton Town NC (6) Vs Sutton Royals (0)

Ryland NC U12 (5) Vs Barr Beacon NC (6)


Sutton Town NC (5) Vs Parkside NC (3)

Teignbridge Titans (10) Vs Barr Beacon NC (6)

3rd/4th Play-off

Parkside NC  (9) Vs Barr Beacon NC (4)


Teignbridge Titans (7) Vs Sutton Town NC (4)

Want to say a massive thank you to everyone who attended to support the teams and to all the coaches and players who competed. This competition now moves to the north on February 8th