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When ENG Sports UK burst onto the netball scene in November 2018 we quickly realised what an incredible environment we had ventured into. The enthusiasm of the teams, players and parents who were eager to explore as many different ways to expose their clubs and children to different challenges was infectious and quite exciting to be apart of.

Like most things this appetite was fuelled by the lack of opportunities they had to access and since our first event in November 2018 we have gone on a crusade as a company to create the opportunities and experiences the youth netball world craves and most importantly deserves.

Our fast and furious events created that unpredictable experience that has seen some of the biggest shocks in youth netball, the atmosphere we create gives the participants the professional and unforgiving environment they need to develop as teams and individuals, with the prizes and awards giving a real sense of achievement, which shows the respect we have for everyone who sets out on a mission to achieve a goal they set themselves.

Our workshops provide netballers a chance to train and compete alongside some of the best youth players in the country. Coached by some of the countries most talented coaches, netballers are exposed to new ideas and pushed physically and mentally. The whole focus though is to create an environment that is competitive and intense which gives them an idea of the mental and physical approach to competition. All our workshops end with competitive match play with teams competing for trophies.

Our newly created ENG YNPL is the bridge that was missing in youth netball. The development of an athlete is dependent upon their ability to expose themselves to challenging situations as often as possible. With many of the best youth netball clubs spread out around the country this league has given the access the clubs need to develop their teams quicker. Working with a live streaming platform this league is televised live and has become the first ever youth sporting league to have a PPV service attached to it. The league brings the professional game to a grassroots level and driven to showcase the talent the country has.

Not only have we introduced amazing events and leagues to the youth netball world we have invested in some of the countries most promising netball talents. Our ENG Elite Athlete Programme helps develop talented individuals through financial investment, support and social media promotion.

With our business model being stalled since March 2020, we have had time to focus on how we will move forward as a business. Our goal has always been to expose as many netballers to the most exciting and rewarding sporting environments and this 2021 will see the creation of an event that we feel will become the envy of the youth netball world.

The ENG All Star National Finals will bring together all the winning teams from our competition workshops for a epic day of netball which will allow hundreds of netballers the chance to feel the excitement of a national competition and test their skills against the best youth players in the country. Currently only a select group of teams advance and become successful at the very popular England Netball club national finals. If you're not apart of these teams your ability to access these competitions are restricted. This national competition will combine players from multiple teams who will fly the flag for the region and competition they won to not only become a national champion within the event they competed, but to also have the chance of becoming the official ENG All Star National Champion.

We feel this will create an edge within our workshops that will increase the popularity of them, but allow thousands of netballers a real chance of competing in national finals and making their netball journey alot more rewarding.

The stage is set for years of glory, happiness, legacy and lifelong memories.