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U13 & U15

Knock Out Series

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ENG Sports UK is excited to bring back the U13 & U15 Netball Cup Knock-Out Series event. This FA Cup style event pits the best teams across the country at random in this exciting national competition where the power of live streaming creates added excitement when doing the draws for each round. 

Why Attend:

  • Compete against the best teams in the country

  • Live Draws

  • Umpires and scoretakers provided (Nationals)

  • Fantastic awards

  • Professional indoor venues (Nationals)

  • All teams get two games guaranteed

Format (Based on 32 teams competing)

  • Round 1: North West, Yorkshire, North West, Midlands, South, East

  • Round 2: North, South

  • Round 3: All teams can play each other regardless of location

  • Round 4: National Finals (Semi-Final & Final)

* Losing teams in Round 1 will qualify for the ENG Shield Nationals

* All losing teams in Round 2 will be eliminated from the competition

Dates of Completion 

Round 1: January 1st - February 12th

Round 2: February 13th - March 26th

Round 3: March 27th - May 28th

Round 4/5: TBC

Terms and Conditions

* Players must be registered with the club/school involved

* Players cannot play if already registered with another club/school

* Maximum of 12 players per team

* If a player has already played in the competition with a club/school they cannot play for another club if they have moved team

* Teams drawn first will play at home

* There will be a £2.50 admin charge attached to each booking

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