ENG Sports UK would like to announce our ENG U16's Netball Cup competition which will see us find the No.1 netball team in the UK & Ireland. After our successful U12's national event and the U14's teams ready to start their epic battle in our 'Road to Liverpool' competition we have created the ultimate ENG competition which will test teams across the UK & Ireland to the limit and then reward them with a prize which will 100% be the ultimate prize of the ENG netball event structure.

When creating this event we wanted to push the boundaries on the scale of the competition. With netball being so popular in the UK & Ireland we wanted to create a platform where teams can truly say they are the best not only in their country but the whole of the UK & Ireland. The competition will be broken up into different regions with the top three from the England events all qualifying into the national finals which will be held at the Eagles Communtiy Arena in Newcastle on December 8th. The Scotland and Ireland competitions seeing the top two sides qualify for the nationals.

In regards to the location of the national finals we wanted to place the national event where it would be most viable to get to in regards to cost for the Scotland and Ireland finalists. Also placing the event on a Sunday allows teams to potentially make their way up to the event on the Saturday where they can potentially stay in hotels and rest before what is going to be one of the World's most competitive youth netball competitions. With over 700 seats inside the arena we will be hoping to pack this venue out and put on a show that will inspire the competing athletes like no other youth netball event has done before. 

Now let's move onto the prize for the winning team. ENG Sports UK are all about the success and reward system. We want to create an environment which is transparent in regards to what we think of the teams that win our events. With this competition we wanted to create a unique prize that would not only be a reflection of the achievement taken place but also to create a side event which would potentially create an international tournament where we can find the No.1 U16's netball team in the world.

With this in mind we contacted several netball associations abroad to see if they would like to take up the challenge of competing in our first ever ENG U16's Netball Super Cup competition. Many were keen but the most enthusiastic was Gibraltar Netball who really showed they wanted to take on the challenge and show the UK & Ireland champions in a one off game that they have what it takes to win the ENG Netball Super Cup.

Now if your thinking your going to shell out hundreds to send your child if they win our UK & Ireland event then think again. The prize for winning this competition will include flights, accommodation and airport transfers. The winning team will fly out on February 14th and return on February 17th. The ENG Netball Super Cup game will take place on February 16th and will be at the Tercentenary Sports Hall. With over 700 seats we have been assured this place will be packed out for the game which will also be live to watch online. Not only will the team play in this amazing game they will be treated to a tour of the country's famous sights and have a celebratory meal alongside the Gibraltar team after the game on February 16th.

This unique event has the potential to send ripples through the netball sporting world and these two teams will potentially create something that will motivate the rest of the world in competing at this unique competition in the future.  But what ever happens all the teams that compete in this amazing event can be assured that every effort is being made to make it the best youth netball competition in the world. From the regional's to the national's and then the Super Cup game the experience for all the girls competing will be unforgettable. But it's also an opportunity for lower age groups to be inspired through-out their netball journey and maybe one day become the ENG Netball Cup Super Champions.

Full details for the regional heats can be found by pressing on the button which will take you to the event page. Entry is based on a first come first serve basis and bookings can be made from May 1st.

Any questions please contact me on 07376265748 or email contact@engsportsuk.co.uk

Richard Tweed



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