Weston Park Blades NC won the first ever U16's Netball Cup Southern Finals at the High Wycombe Leisure Centre after an 8-3 win against AP Saints NC in the final. The Hampshire side won a classic ENG tournament which was contested in one of the fiercest and competitive environments we have ever had, and they now go into the nationals as one of the top seeds.

Runners up were AP Saints NC who were incredible all day, they only lost in the final after being unbeaten the whole day in the groups and previous knock-out rounds. In 3rd place was Aces NC who came out on top against a well-drilled and disciplined Rushmoor NC 10-7.

So far this event has been the most ferocious event to date and all teams did themselves proud. Below are the final scores from this unforgettable ENG event. 


Group A

AP Saints NC 7 Vs Weston Park Blades 7

Rushmoor NC 8 Vs Abbey Flyers Nomads 6

Durham Palatinates 8 Vs Wodson Park 5

Abbey Flyers Nomads 1 Vs Aces NC 11

Weston Park Blades 7 Vs Durham Palatinates 2

Wodson Park NC 6 Vs Rushmoor NC 9

AP Saints NC 10 Vs Durham Palatinates 3

Wodson Park NC 4 Vs Aces NC 8

Weston Park Blades 6 Vs Rushmoor NC 6

Abbey Flyers Nomads 6 Vs Wodson Park NC 11

Rushmoor NC 5 Vs AP Saints NC 7

Aces NC 4 Vs Weston Park Blades 7

Durham Palatinates 5 Vs Rushmoor NC 8

Weston Park Blades 14 Vs Abbey Flyers Nomads 3

AP Saints NC 5 Vs Aces NC 5

Weston Park Blades 7 Vs Wodson Park NC 6

Durham Palatinates 5 Vs Aces NC 7

AP Saints NC 6 Vs Abbey Flyers Nomads 2

Aces NC 8 Vs Rushmoor NC 6

Wodson Park NC 4 Vs AP Saints NC 8

Abbey Flyers Nomads 5 Vs Durham Palatinates 8


1st: Weston Park Blades W 4 D 2 L 0 PTS 10

2nd: AP Saints NC W 4 D 2 L PTS 10

3rd: Aces NC  W 4 D 1 L 1 PTS 9

4th: Rushmoor NC W 3 D 0 L 3 PTS 6

5th: Durham Palatinates W 2 D 0 L 4 PTS 4

6th: Wodson Park NC W 1 D 0 L 5 PTS 2

7th: Abbey Flyers Nomads W 0 D 0 L 6 PTS 0

Semi-Finals Play-Off

Aces NC 7 Vs Wodson Park NC 0

Rushmoor NC 8 Vs Durham Palatinates 5


Weston Park Blades 10 Vs Rushmoor 1

AP Saints 5 Vs Aces NC 1

3rd/4th Play-off

Aces NC 10 Vs Rushmoor NC 7


Weston Park Blades 8 Vs AP Saints NC 3

Want to say a massive thank you to everyone who attended to support the teams and to all the coaches and players who competed. This competition now moves onto the final regional heat in Gloucestershire on November 2nd.