Wimborne NC bounced back off the canvas to become the first team in ENG Netball Cup history to win a regional competition after losing a game in the group stages. The team from Dorset grew in strength as the competition went on and won the event after a 8-1 win against Team Bath Netball in the final. They now head into the Nationals Finals as one of the top seeds on July 7th.

Our other qualifying teams are Team Bath Netball who came runners up and really put on a show for our live stream. Every game they played was close and supported by their incredible fans will be a great addition to the national finals. In 3rd place was Woodley NC from Reading who were looking like the team to beat up until Wimborne defeated them in the final. Finally Herts Hornets NC must wait anxiously for our Central Finals competition to see if they have qualified as our best 4th place team. After overtaking Grangetown NC as our best 4th place team with 40 goals they have to wait and see if any team from our Central Finals can better them before preparing for our National event.

Below are all the scores from the competition.


Group A

Gilfach NC A 3 Vs Bristol Free School 2

TTNC Wrriors 5 Vs Woodley NC 10

Gilfach NC A 2 Vs TTNC Wrriors 10

Bristol Free School 0 Vs Woodley NC 15

Gilfach NC A 2 Vs Woodley NC 9

Bristol Free School 3 Vs TTNC Warriors 14


1. Woodley NC: W 3, D 0, L 0, PTS 6 (Q)

2. TTNC Warriors: W 2, D 0, L 1, PTS 4 (Q)

3. Gilfach NC A: W 1, D 0, L 2, PTS 2

4. Bristol Free School: W 0, D 0, L 3, PTS 0

Group B

Herts Hornets NC 8 Vs Wimborne NC 5

Gilfach NC B 4 Vs St Catherines B

Herts Hornets NC 6 Vs Gilfach NC B 2

Wimborne NC 10 Vs St Catherines B 1

Herts Hornets NC 9 Vs St Catherines 2

Wimborne NC 10 Vs Gilfach NC B 0


1. Herts Hornets NC: W 3, D 0, L 0, PTS 6 (Q)

2. Wimborne NC: W 2, D 0, L 1, PTS 4 (Q)

3. St Catherines B: W 1, D 0, L 2, PTS 2 (Q)

4. Gilfach NC B: W 0, D 0, L 3, PTS 0

Group C

Team Bath NC 6 Vs St Catherines 5

Waverley NC 11 Vs Imperial NC 5

Team Bath Netball 6 Vs Waverley NC 2

St Catherines A 11 Vs Imperial NC 3

Team Bath NC 5 Vs Imperial NC 5

St Catherines A 6 Vs Waverley NC 5


1. Team Bath Netball: W 2, D 1, L 0, PTS 5 (Q)

2. St Catherines A: W 2, D 0, L 1, PTS 4 (Q)

3. Waverley NC: W 1, D 0, L 2, PTS 2 (Q)

4. Imperial NC: W 0, D 1, L 0, PTS 1

Quarter Finals

Woodley NC 9 Vs St Catherines B 2

Herts Hornets NC 9 Vs Waverley NC 8

Team Bath Netball 4 Vs St Catherines A 3

Wimborne NC 11 Vs TTNC Warriors 5

Semi Finals

Woodley NC 5 Vs Wimborne NC 10

Herts Hornets 5 Vs Team Bath Netball 6

3rd/4th Play-Off

Herts Hornets NC 3 Vs Woodley NC 9


Wimborne NC 8 Vs Team Bath NC 1

This competition is now down to it's last event and on June 15th at the Walsall Sports Centre we are going to find out what sixteen teams will battle out to become the ENG U14's Netball Cup National Champions.


Massive thank you to everyone for coming. 

The Road To Liverpool Has Started!


Winners: Wimborne NC, Runners Up: Team Bath NC, 3rd: Woodley NC, 4th: Herts Hornets NC