YWCA Bury won the ENG U16 Netball Cup Northern Finals after a 11-9 win over Kingsway Power U16 in what was a incredible game of netball which went to the wire and was only stopped going to a draw due to the amazing defensive display of YWCA Bury.


This event saw the return of our shortened games after two years of being away due to our inability to host these events due to restrictions. We had eight teams compete in this Northern Finals who were split into two groups of four. In the groups, teams had to compete for places to see who would they would play in the quarter-finals.

The group stages went as expected but once in the knock-outs we were treated to the the unpredictable match play this event creates. The biggest upset nearly coming when Kingsway Power U14 nearly forced a draw against their talented U15 side, with a last second goal saving the U15's side blushes.

In the semi-finals the highly fancied YWCA Bury overcame Grangetown who started well but couldn't maintain the consistency needed to overcome Bury. The other semi-final game saw Kingsway Power U15 take on their U16 side and even though there was a age difference the favourites were the U15 side. Another absorbing tie which again went down to the final seconds, with the U15 side potentially forcing the draw but a great interception from the U16 KWP side secured them the win and a place in the final.

In the 3rd/4th play-off KWP U15 easily saw off Grangetown NC who seemed to run out of energy after their semi-final defeat. We were then left with the final between YWCA Bury and Kingsway Power U16 and it was an incredible game to end the day. Both sets of players played out of their skins and it was decided by the slightly better defending by YWCA Bury.


 Thank you to everyone who attended and supported the teams. 


Group A

Grangetown NC 12 Vs Oaksway NC 5

KWP U14 10 Vs KWP U16

Grangetown NC 11 Vs KWP U14 6

Oaksway NC 3 Vs KWP U16 19

Grangetown NC 8 Vs KWP U16 8

Oaksway NC 5 Vs KWP U14 10

Grangetown NC 6 Vs KWP U16 13

KWP U14 10 Vs Oaksway NC 10

Group B

Warrington NC 14 Vs Durham Palatinates 2

YWCA Bury 10 Vs KWP U15 6

Warrington NC 7 Vs YWCA Bury 18

Durham Palatinates 6 Vs KWP U15 13

Warrington NC 4 Vs KWP U15 13

Durham Palatinates 2 Vs YWCA Bury 11

YWCA Bury 9 Vs KWP U15 10








Quarter Finals

KWP U16 13 Vs Durham Palatinates 4

YWCA Bury 13 Vs Oaksway NC 5

Grangetown NC 11 Vs Warrington NC 8

KWP U15 10 Vs KWP U14 9

Semi Finals

KWP U16 11 Vs KWP U15 10

YWCA Bury 16 Vs Grangetown NC 7

3rd/4th Play Off

Grangetown NC 7 Vs KWP U15 17


YWCA Bury 11 Vs KWP U16 9