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ENG Sports UK was created in November 2018 to help encourage more competition in sports. Through our events, workshops, and leagues we aim to bring out the best in athletes using competition as a tool to help ignite their passion for the sport they play but also offer a platform for them to learn how to cope in a highly competitive environment.

Since our first event in November 2018, we have successfully run four national netball competitions which have seen nearly two hundred teams compete and over 3,000 people attend to support the events we have put on. 

Our passion for competition and the rewards that come with winning has seen us invest over 3k in prizes for the winning teams of our events. With prizes including tickets to watch Superleague games, a VIP trip to the Netball World Cup, and an all-expenses paid trip to compete in Gibraltar at the ENG Netball Super Cup.

We also run a successful elite sport workshop programme which is designed to help athletes learn about competition and get them competing more. These workshops are coached by some of the country's most talented sports coaches.

Thank you for visiting our website and please navigate to find out about all our products and services.

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