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Sasha Corbin (Saracens Mavericks England Netball International)

I’ve tried posting to your wall but there seems to be a problem feel free to repost, thank you for an amazing competition today so well organised and hugely positive encouraging the girls to challenge themselves pushing the boundaries to better themselves and daring to loose. Mk Netters diamonds had an amazing day and can’t wait to go to the nationals in February'

Rebeeca Menser (MK Netters Parent)

'Just a quick note to say thank you! What a well organised event! Please let me know when you have some photos uploaded (please send me the link) I'm sure you'll have some crackers that will look great on our Twitter!'

Melanie James (Marlow Kites Coach)

'Thank you so much for Saturday in Birmingham, and for everything you’re doing for U12's netball. The ENG name is travelling fast in the netball world! Keep going as you are and you will be the next biggest competition provider to England Netball!'

Rhonda (Team Matrix)

'Many thanks for organising last Saturday. Fantastic venue and excellent standard of netball. Our girls enjoyed the experience as did the parents and they all managed to make it for their 10am league match next day! It is a very good initiative as England netball do not have nationals for U12 which is a great shame.'

John Hipshon (Leeds Athletic NC)

Just wanted to say, we love reading your posts. Our team are so excited to be part of this event and your regular updates are creating such a fantastic, positive, feeling amongst the girls. Your action photos of court play are brilliant. This is my daughter....she is blown away! Thank you....what a memory ❤️


Sue Davis (MK Netters Parent)

So encouraging to all the athletes and very well organised, before and during 'the big day'. Great advertising and information leading up to the finals too. Thank you. We had a blast!

Sue Davis (MK Netters Parent)

ENG are super dedicated to bringing grassroots competitive sports to kids nationwide. My daughter played in the U12 Netball competition and ended up playing kids from all over the UK in a really blockbuster national final. The experience is priceless as generally we only access regional level sport 👏👏

Francesca Bateman

The netball south region and national finals for U12’s were such positive and professional events providing such an inspiring platform for so many young female athletes. We as parents and all our girls can’t wait to attend another ENG event - thank you 😊

Rebecca Manser (MK Netters Parent)

I enjoyed watching live stream of under 12 netball. My granddaughter’s team won bronze medals Quite an experience for all who took park. Looking forward to the next age group matches next year.

Maureen Cumming

Hi, I'd like to say a huge congratulations for the coordination and management of the 'Leeds section' of the tournament yesterday. My daughter plays for Chester and we won but it wasn't about the winning yesterday. The coordination compared to other events we have attended was fabulous. Eve has won the national schools final and the sisters in sport cup this year and plays for both the U15 & U17 Wasps Squad and yesterday's tournament was planned well in comparison to our other experiences. The atmosphere was great and the inclusivity of all the girls due to the way the games were planned was inspirational. Well done to all involved and I'm looking forward to being apart of July 7th with you all.

Jill Cooper (Chester NC Parent)

On behalf of Chester Netball Club, many thanks to you and you team for putting on an excellent event. The venue was outstanding and allowed everyone to watch in comfort.


We went there believing we could go all the way but it was soon apparent that the standard of all teams was very strong indeed. There were no duffers playing as some of the results reflected. Any team could beat any team and it boiled down to who wanted it the most. Enter Chester!!!


We had great matches in the semis and Final and were actually down at half time in both. We showed great determination and desire to fight are way back and apply the screws when on top.


Fantastic day was had by all and please thank all your staff for creating a memory that will live forever with all the players (and Parents).

Brian Thomas (Chester NC Manager)

Brilliant competition, so good for our girls to get out there and play different teams from across the country, they get so wrapped up in beating competition they know and thinking they're good for beating them but there's so much talent in different areas it's a proper eye opener for the girls! Can't wait for the next one.


Chantal (Kent County Netball Club Parent)

Firstly thank you for the great event you ran last week. This level of competition is just what the young talent in the country needs. It was great for the players to feel special with the walk-on, have seated fans and to have the music entertainment.


Secondly, the format of regional qualifiers brings the best teams in the country together to compete indoors and against the best. 


Many of the coaches I spoke to around the event said that their teams often have big wins in their local league (as does mine) and that this competition was great to create competition at the right level.

Samantha Bird (London Pulse, Head Coach)


Just wanted to say a massive thank you for putting the shooting comp on! Pearl has had the best time and it's been her first real experience of competition - honestly, it's been amazing! It's kept Georgia & Pearl busy during the lockdown and kept them focussed and motivated on something other than the scary things that are going on in the world. Can't thank you enough - hopefully, there will be other events soon.

Jodi Parkinson (Parent)

Thank you so much for this competition Georgia has loved every minute of it and she hasn't wanted to win so much and I'm so proud of her.

Katie Cox (Parent)

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