ENG U12's Netball Cup 2019

  • Southern Finals - 1st: Eagles Netball 2nd: MK Netters NC 3rd: Wodson Park NC 4th: Magnet Netball

  • Central Finals - 1st: Stratford Thunderbirds 2nd: Parkside NC 3rd: Sutton Town NC 4th: Matrix NC

  • Northern Finals - 1st: Tameside NC 2nd: Kingston Nets NC 3rd: Trafford Juniors 4th: Leeds Athletic

  • Eastern Finals - 1st: Turnford NC 2nd: Comberton NC 3rd: Saffron Hawks NC 4th: Civil Service NC

  • National Finals - 1st: Tameside NC 2nd: Turnford NC 3rd: Stratford Thunderbirds 4th: Comberton NC

  • National Finals MVP - Ruby Ellis (Tameside NC)

ENG U12'S Girls Football Cup 2019

  • Winners - Tottenham Hotspur B

  • Runners Up - Tottenham Hotspur A

  • 3rd - Letchworth YFC

  • MVP of the Tournament - Tolulope Adubiaro (Tottenham Hotspur)

  • Top Goal Scorer - Skye Renee (Tottenham Hotspur)

  • Golden Gloves Winner  - Erin Foster (Oxford City)

ENG Y6 Marsden Netball Cup 2019

  • Winners: Courthouse Junior

  • Runners Up: Stokenchurch Primary

ENG U14's Netball Cup 2019

  • Northern Finals - 1st: Chester Tigers 2nd: Saddleworth Netball 3rd: Leeds Athletic NC 4th: Grangetown NC

  • Eastern Finals - 1st: Hatfield NC 2nd: Turnford NC 3rd: Kent County Netball Club 4th: Chiltern Vipers NC

  • Southern Finals - 1st: Eagles Netball 2nd: Abbey Flyers Nomads 3rd: Crystal Palace 4th: Wodson Park NC

  • Western Finals - 1st: Wimborne NC 2nd: Team Bath Netball 3rd: Woodley NC 4th: Herts Hornets NC

  • Central Finals - 1st: Matrix NC 2nd: Ryland NC 3rd: Barr Beacon Blaze NC 4th: Charnwood Rutland NC

  • National Finals - 1st: Chester Tigers 2nd: Hatfield NC, 3rd: Leeds Athletic 4th: Matrix NC

  • National Finals MVP: Harriet King (Leeds Athletic)

ENG U16's Netball Cup 2019

  • Northern Finals - 1st: Oldham Netball Club 2nd: Tameside NC 3rd: Trafford Juniors 4th: Grangetown NC

  • Eastern Finals - 1st: Kent County NC 2nd: Team Bedfordshire NC 3rd: Kent County NC B 4th: Suffolk Rockets NC

  • Southern Finals - 1st: Weston Park Blades 2nd: AP Saints NC 3rd: Aces Netball Club 4th: Rushmoor NC

  • Western Finals - 1st: Teignbridge Titans NC 2nd: Poole Netball Club 3rd: Ryland NC

  • National Finals - 1st: Tameside NC 2nd: Weston Park Blades NC 3rd: Trafford Juniors

  • National Finals MVP - Savannah Dada-Masscoll (Tameside NC)

ENG U12-U14 Gold Cup 2019

Northern Finals

  • Winners (Uninas) - Olivia Leslie, Grace Ross, Holly Williams, Molly Shaw, Luiseah O'Neal, Connie Wilson, Iris McCarron, Maya Thompson, Hannah Bagshaw, Acacia Seward

  • MVP - Rhianna Donatein

Southern Finals

  • Winners (Red Kiwis) - Issy Lock, Mollie Hegarty, Jenna Tilley, Katie Rodgers, Mahlee Lelyveld, Grace Leary, Sophia Gogna, Ella Newton-Smith, Sophie Greensmith

  • MVP - Claudia Harvey 

Central Finals

  • Winners (Blood Oranges) - Isabella Balzaretti, Alana Neville, Hannah Constance, Amelia Banister, Daisy Brassington, Mia Sheffield, Kate Smith

  • MVP - Isabella Balzaretti

ENG U12 Netball Cup 2020

Eastern Finals: 1st: Turnford NC 2nd: Hatfield NC 3rd: Saffron Hawks 4th: Wodson Park NC

Central Finals: 1st: Teignbridge Titans 2nd: Sutton Town NC 3rd: Parkside NC

Northern Finals: 1st: DNA U12 Red 2nd: Ellesmere Port NC 3rd: Ribble Valley NC 4th: Tameside NC

Southern Finals: 1st: Poole NC 2nd: Royals NC 3rd: Matrix NC 4th: AP Saints NC

National Finals: 1st Poole NC 2nd: Turnford NC 3rd: Matrix NC 4th: Saffron Hawks NC

National Final MVP: Lucia Toomer (Poole NC)

ENG U16 2020 Netball Super Cup

Winners: Tameside NC

Runners Up: Gibraltar U16

MVP: Beatrice Felipes

ENG U12-U14 Diamond Cup 2020

Central Finals: 

Winners: Team Thunder - Amelia Bannister, Jessica Ward, Madaleine Brandon, Caitlin Tandy, Tilly Morton, Honey Luscombe, Isabella Balzaretti

MVP: Mollie Hegarty

Southern Finals

Winners: Team Mez - Martha Vujicic, Claudia Harvey, Erin Cave, Zarah Shah, Maddie Heyburn, Ellie Kennedy, Ella Newton-Smith, Poppy Hickman, Hattie Matthews

MVP: Purdy Nugent

Northern Finals

Winners: Jess Chapman, Lottie Lewis, Tennille Taylor, Grace Fairhurst, Olivia Wormald, Scarlett Henniker, Lucy Jones, Olivia Hague

MVP: Lucie Sams

Eastern Finals

Winners: Emma Eccles, Imogen Baker

MVP: Emma Eccles

ENG Netball 60 Second Online Shooting Challenge 2020

Winner: Georgia Parkinson

Team Winner: Kingsway Power

ENG Netball Online Long Bomb Challenge 2020

Winner: Bea Wilshaw

ENG Netball Online Shooting Challenge U8/U9

Winner: Georgia Cox

Team Winner: Kingsway Power

ENG Online U10 Netball Cup 2020

Winner: Ellesmere Port White

MVP: Daisy Hudson (Kingsway Power)

ENG Online U13 Netball Cup 2020

Winner: Ellesmere Port Youth

MVP: Libby Canham (Ellesmere Port Youth)

ENG Netball U12/U13 Gold Cup 2020


Winner: ENG Heat

Team: Sophie McMaster, Mia Lashbrook, Esme Pheby, Eleanor Lampard, Purdy Nugent, Miah Croxford, Darcie Allanson, Imi Baker

MVP: Purdy Nugent (ENG Heat)

North West

Winner: ENG Heat

Team: Zara Smith, Millie Kielty, Molly Huck, Lottie Bischof, Audrey Watt, Izzy Jones, Nya Grant, Matilda Birks, Lalli Brown

MVP: Lexi Barrigan (ENG Magic)

ENG Netball U12/U13 Christmas Cup 2020

North West

Winner: ENG Storm

Team: Lottie Lewis, Tillie McGeehan, Cerys Rowlands, Maeve Tunney, Sophie Palmer, Thea Uprichard, Sophie Howard, Phoebe Griffiths, Lexi Barrigan

MVP: Lottie Lewis

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