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The ENG All Star National Finals is back and if you're child was part of a winning team of one of our Battle of Britain workshops across Britain & Northern Ireland, this is their opportunity to see if they can become national champions of the country they competed in. Not only will they competing against super talented players from across the country and have the chance to win amazing awards, the winning team will represent their country in our ENG Home Nations International competition in July.

Why Attend:

  • Coaches include a selection of some of best grassroots coaches in the country

  • Exciting format

  • Competitive

  • Trophies for the winning team and best players

  • Opportunity to compete at a international tournament.

National Finals

Country: England

Date: June 22nd

Time: 3pm-7pm

What to wear: ENG top, black shorts or leggings, trainers

Location: High Wycombe Sports Centre, HP11 1UP

Parking: Parking at the venue

Country: Northern Ireland

Date: May 22nd 

Time: 5pm-8pm

What to wear: ENG top, black shorts or leggings, trainers

Location: Lisburn Racquets, BT27 4AS

Parking: Parking at the venue

Country: Scotland

Date: May 15th

Time: 6pm-8:30pm

What to wear: ENG top, black shorts or leggings, trainers

Location: Kelvin Hall, G3 8AW (TBC)

Parking: Parking at the venue

Country: Wales

Date: TBC

Time: TBC

What to wear: Sports clothing and netball trainers

Location: TBC

Parking: Parking at the venue

Costs Involved

Player Registration - £15

Will go towards officials, scoretakers, coaches, venue hire and awards. Plus helps us recognise who is serious about attending the event.

T-Shirts - £16.99

If your child already has an ENG performance t-shirt from a previous national event their more than welcome to wear that on the day. If not please follow the link below to order your top prior to attending your All Star National tournament.

ENG All Star Nationals - Performance T-Shirt | Earned Not Given Clo (

Tickets - £10

To attend this competition you must purchase a spectator ticket to watch.

(They will go on sale two weeks before the event start date)

Terms & Conditions

  • Player registration fees are final and cannot be refunded after it's been processed.

  • T-Shirts are non-refundable if they have gone to print. Please check order deadlines on our clothing website

  • If your child has won more than one workshop, they must select which team they would like to compete for via the registration form. 

  • Parents will be responsible for the travel arrangements of their child when attending our All-Star and Home Nations events

  • By registering you agree your child can be filmed and photographed at the event which will be used for social media and marketing purposes.


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