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YWCA Bury NC won the ENG U16 Netball Cup 2022 National Finals after an incredible win over Kingsway Power in the final to confirm their status as the queens of the ENG netball structure and also make it three wins out of three competing at our events over the past year.

This competition compared to the U16 national event they won in the 2021/22 was all about holding your nerve in this fast paced and unforgiving environment. The ten and twelve minute games bring forth that unpredictable environment which provides a level of entertainment you necessarily you don't get with normal netball games, unless the game is close or a draw going into the final quarter.

We had some of the countries biggest clubs involved and in the group stages of the event teams like YWCA Bury, Grangetown NC and Kingsway Power were navigating their group games with the expected results everyone attending expected. There was moments when YWCA Bury were put under pressure by Aces NC and Kingsway Power were pushed all the way by Magic NC and it showcased that unpredictability we expected.

As we moved into the knock-outs there wasn't too much drama in terms of results, but the stand out game was between Poole NC and Grangetown NC who played out the best game of the day so far. The game looked to be won by Grangetown NC and with a minute to go Poole NC found themselves three goals down and a mountain to climb. With it being their centre pass they had to not only score, but turnover the Grangetown centre pass and still score again themselves to force overtime. In a frantic sixty seconds of play, Poole NC did just that, and incredibly drew the game and now overtime would determine the winner. Momentum was in Poole favour but it was Grangetown NC who held their nerve and came out winners by two points.

After Grangetown NC dramatic win over Poole NC, they now faced one of the competition favourites Kingsway Power. Unfortunately they couldn't cope with the intensity of Kingsway Power speed of play and had to settle for the 3rd/4th play-off game to end their day. In the other semi final the very impressive Magic NC came up against the formidable YWCA Bury. For many in the sports arena it was going to be a predictable outcome, but we finally got the unpredictably these short games provide in this contest. Both teams started well and were goal for goal in the first half of this contest. Everytime YWCA Bury looked to get the advantage, Magic would overturn the ball and come roaring back. Magic wouldn't allow Bury to dominate them and even found a way of stopping their amazing goal shooter Anya Williams from having the success she's normally used to which helped their cause massively. With the game drawing Magic had several opportunities to go ahead but either a misplaced pass or missed shot let Bury off the hook. As the seconds counted down it was Bury who managed to get the win and set up a mouth watering tie with Kingsway Power in the final.

With time on our side we managed to showcase both the 3rd/4th play-off and final on the centre court. Grangetown took on Magic in the 3rd/4th play-off game and took advantage of mentally drained Magic side who just couldn't recover after their loss to Bury and ran out comfortable winners to take the third place position. Next up, it was the final between Kingsway Power and YWCA Bury and what a final it was. Bury were the favourites but started poorly against a determined Kingsway Power side who found themselves four points ahead going into half time. Bury had six minutes to come up with a master plan to stop Kingsway Power recording a convincing win and as the second half started changed Anya Williams to GA from her original GS position. This change had a instant effect on the game and from being kind of out of the contest, Bury found themselves back in the game and looking the favourites to win. Kingsway Power bit down on their gum shield and rallied in the final minute to have the ball with seconds to go. It got given to their GS with five seconds left to play and with the score 10-9 to Bury this would force a overtime scenario. Their GA held her nerve and now it was extra time. Two minutes would decide the winner and this was now do or die netball. With so much on the line and pressure on it was about which team would make the tinniest of mistakes and unfortunately it was Kingsway Power. Bury took advantage and won the contest 12-10 to become the ENG U16 Netball Cup National Champions.

YWCA Bury became our national champions once again and provided us with so much entertainment over the past year. Led by the incredible Anya Williams they have definitely put down their marker as one of greatest teams ever to compete within our netball structure. Massive well done to everyone who competed and we look forward to bringing this event back in September 2022.


1st: YWCA Bury

2nd: Kingsway Power

3rd: Grangetown NC

4th: Magic NC

5th: Poole NC

6th: Aces NC

7th: Stratford Thunderbirds

8th: TTNC Spartans

9th: TTNC Warriors

10th: AP Saints NC U15

11th: AP Saints NC U14

MVP: Anya Williams (YWCA Bury)

All Stars: GK - Oonagh Cristensen, GD - Rhianna Donatein, WD - Mimi Beckham - Roy C - Izzy Jones, WA - Alexandra Flint, GA - Halle Brown,GS - Anya Williams

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