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The world's first youth netball All Star National Final is nearly upon us and we finally get to see on June 25th who will be the All Star National Champions and win a VIP trip to the Commonwealth Games. The common theme of the winning teams within our workshops was having great leaders and this will be pivotal factor in determining who will come out on top in this race to finish the Road to Birmingham.

Below are the nominated captains for the All Star National Finals on June 25th.


Name: Halle Brown

Team: ENG Mavericks

Event Won: Gold Cup 2021

Club Team: AP Saints NC

About: Halle was signed to the ENG Sports UK Elite Programme back in September 2021 due to her brilliant performances in the ENG U12 YNPL 2020/21, where she led her AP Saints NC side to the Southern Conference title. A great character on and off the court.

Name: Ruby Broadhurst

Team: ENG Thunder

Event Won: Gold Cup 2021

Club Team: Ryland NC

About: Ruby is one of the most creative mid court players in the country and is not afraid to express herself in high intense environments. She helped her Ryland side reach two consecutive ENG YNPL Grand Finals, where they finished this season 7th overall in the country.


Name: Leah Cunningham

Team: ENG Cavaliers

Event Won: Winter Cup 2021

Club Team: Chester NC

About: Leah has had a successful season with Chester after coming runner up in the ENG YNPL U13 Northern Conference and also winning the MVP of the season award. A tough defender who also helped her Chester side come 4th overall in the country at the ENG YNPL Grand Finals.

Name: Carina Rowe

Team: ENG Mavericks

Event Won: Winter Cup 2021

Club Team: Bournemouth NC

About: Carina is a exceptional defender and previous to winning the Winter Cup was named the MVP of the Gold Cup in the previous termly workshop we put on. Carina has played for Poole NC U14 in the ENG YNPL and didn't look out of place in what is an exceptional squad.


Name: Joely Chamberlain

Team: ENG Tigers

Event Won: Diamond Cup 2022

Club Team: Eagles NC

About: Joely is the most successful athletes inside our workshop programme winning an impressive three times and was named MVP of one them back in the Summer. Joely plays for Eagles NC and is no nonsense defender who wears her heart on her sleeve and was awarded for her efforts when awarded with the MVP of the tournament award at the 2022 YNPL Grand Finals.

Name: Emma Farmer

Team: ENG Dragons

Event Won: Diamond Cup 2022

Club Team: Macclesfield NC

About: Emma is not afraid to express herself on court and demand what she expects from her team. She showed great leadership skills in the Diamond Cup workshop which earned her the MVP award of that tournament.


Name: Daisy Mae Gillespie

Team: ENG New Zealand

Event Won: Commonwealth Cup 2022

Club Team: Oldham NC

About: Daisy was pivotal in helping her side win the Commonwealth Cup after an inspiring performance. A talented shooter who plays for the prestigious Oldham NC, Daisy will be hoping to confuse and make life difficult for the defenders in this event with her impressive darting runs from deep.

Name Caitlin Tandy

Team: ENG Australia

Event Won: Commonwealth Cup 2022

Club Team: Sutton Town NC

About: Caitlin has always impressed at our workshop programmes and regularly finds herself on the winning teams. A great defender who quietly goes about her business in a professional manner.

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