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With all the disruption to the sports industry in 2021 ENG Sports UK still managed to put on some amazing competitions and events which helped young athletes maintain the motivation to continue working hard and being enthusiastic about the sport they love.

We nominated five of our top moments of 2021 and posted them on our Facebook & Instagram pages. We then decided to let the people connected to our community to cast their votes on what they believed was the No.1 moment of 2021.

After nearly 1,000 votes online the winner was decided and it was the incredible achievement of YWCA Bury U15 who won the debut ENG U16 Netball Cup Knock Out Series event back in July.

What made this achievement stand out was that they were playing a year up and even though had some rocky moments at the event, they still managed to show the skill and most importantly character to win this national netball competition.


1. YWCA Bury U15 win the ENG U16 Netball Cup - 291 Votes

2, Halle inspires AP Saints NC to league success - 271 Votes

3. Olivia on fire at ENG YNPL Grand Finals - 261 Votes

4. Eve & Lalli crazy plank challenge - 62 Votes

5. Turnford NC overcome rivals Poole NC - 23

Thank you for voting and we're looking forward to bringing you more exciting and memorable events in 2022. 

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