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Kingsway Power capped off an incredible season for the Northern-based side after claiming the club's fifth national title of the 2022/23 season within ENG's netball structures. The famous 'Treble Chasers' had to work hard for their win after facing tough opposition throughout the day, which showed how determined teams were to deny them the win in this competition. 


Group A

This group got underway with two fantastic games. Kingsway Power who won a famous ENG treble last season took on Chester and the score didn't tell the whole story. Chester matched Kingsway Power for large periods of this game but struggled to capitalise on many turnovers which led to a 9-3 defeat. In the other game, Starz took on the Midlands champions Grangetown and won by one goal in what was a gripping and exciting game to set the tone for this group. Starz NC looked to capitalise on their positive start but was stopped in their tracks by Magic, who won the tie 6-5. Grangetown had the daunting task of taking on Kingsway Power, but they managed to nearly cause a shock by having the chance to level the game with a couple of minutes to go. If they would score it would have also been their centre pass which could have led to a shock win, but Kingsway Power held their nerve and defended like their lives depended upon it to seal the win 8-5. Kingsway Power then went on to win their two games and top group with the rest of the teams battling for the other places. Chester and Magic played out an incredible game, with Chester scoring in the final seconds to deny Magic the win which could have meant a runner-up spot in the group. With the last game in the group being between Magic and Grangetown a similar performance to the one they produced against Chester would have helped them fight for the runner-up spot. Grangetown though showed why they were champions of the Midlands with a comfortable win, which also secured them passage in the quarter-final play-offs. Starz were thumped in the final game against Chester which meant they had to wait to see if they would qualify as one of the best 5th-place teams.


Kingsway Power (9) Vs Chester NC (3)

Grangetown NC (9) Vs Starz NC (10)

Starz NC (5) Vs Magic NC (6)

Grangetown NC (5) Vs Kingsway Power (8)

Chester NC (13) Vs Grangetown NC (1)

Magic NC (3) Vs Kingsway Power (11)

Kingsway Power (9) Vs Starz NC (6)

Magic NC (8) Vs Chester NC (8)

Grangetown NC (11) Vs Magic NC (4)

Starz NC (0) Vs Chester NC (8)

Group B

This event can spring a few surprises due to the intensity of the games and the time teams have to recover if they find themselves losing early on. Oaksway took on Oldham in one of the first games of the group and with a depleted team due to illness and injury, you would forgive Oaksway if they succumbed to a heavy defeat against the current YNPL National Champions. Oaksway though were playing with a freedom that allowed them to compete and all the pressure was on Oldham who struggled to contain Oaksway throughout. With a minute to go, Oldham could have gone ahead but Oaksway turned over the ball to go ahead and then capitalised on having their centre pass next to go win the game 10-8. Royals who won the Southern Finals a week earlier started with a win over MK Dons, but they then were defeated in their second game against newcomers Bramhall NC. The group after everyone had played their initial games was well poised and Oldham was back with a thumping win over MK Dons, which settled the nerves after their initial defeat to Oaksway. Oaksway NC continued to win, this time against MK Dons, but did draw 9-9 with Bramhall in their third game, which gave the chasing pack in the group a chance of still coming top. Oldham finished off their group stages with another win, this time against Royals, but had to wait to see the outcome of the game against Oaksway and Royals, the result would determine who would come top. Oaksway though was showing a lot of courage and steel in this event and won the tie 7-6 to impressively top the group. Bramhall finished with a win against MK Dons to secure third in the table.


Oldham NC (8) Vs Oaksway NC (10)

MK Dons (2) Vs Royals NC (7)

Royals NC (6) Vs Bramhall NC (7)

MK Dons (1) Vs Oldham NC (14)

Oaksway NC (8) Vs MK Dons (6)

Bramhall NC (5) Vs Oldham NC (9)

Oldham NC (14) Vs Royals NC (8)

Bramhall NC (9) Vs Oaksway NC (9)

MK Dons (5) Vs Bramhall NC (7)

Royals NC (6) Vs Oaksway NC (7)




Group C

You rarely get two teams on the same points at the end of the group stages, but three teams have never happened before, but there is always a first time for everything though and this group would see three teams finish with all the same points. Little Sutton got their competition underway with a win along with AP Saints NC. Both teams then played each other, which led to a Little Sutton win, which was a shock result considering Little Sutton don't play in the YNPL. Ryland NC was in good form, despite missing some key players, and won their first three games with ease. This meant they went into the AP Saints game knowing a draw at least would secure them the top spot. AP Saints though have improved massively over the past couple of months and managed to defeat Ryland 9-5 which gave them a good chance at coming at least runners-up in the group. Little Sutton had a tremendous group stage finished off with a win against KCNC and Conquerors got their first win in their final game to avoid coming bottom of the group.


Little Sutton (9) Vs KCNC (7)

Ryland NC (10) Vs Conquerors (4)

AP Saints (9) Vs Ryland NC (6)

Little Sutton (8) Vs Conquerors (7)

AP Saints (6) Vs KCNC)

KCNC (3) Vs Ryland NC (11)

AP Saints (5) Vs Little Sutton (6)

Conquerors (6) Vs AP Saints (8)

Ryland NC (9) Vs Little Sutton (5)

AP Saints (9) Vs Ryland NC (6)

KCNC (3) Vs Conquerors (5)


9th-14th Play-Off

MK Dons (10) Vs KCNC (5)

QF Play-Offs

Chester NC and Royals benefitted from playing in extremely tough groups in this round as they sailed into the quarter-finals. Oldham NC started slowly against a determined Starz, but as the second half began they broke down a resilient Starz to also qualify for the quarter-finals. Magic NC who had an up-and-down competition so far took on Bramhall and it was a great spectacle with both sides going toe-to-toe in what was a great encounter. Magic led throughout but the Northern mentality of never giving up kicked in and they managed to creep in front with minutes to spare and set up a quarter-final tie with Kingsway Power. AP Saints took on a super-talented Grangeton team whose players were all U13. Another great game ended with the North London side winning 12-17.


Grangetown NC (7) Vs AP Saints (12)

Bramhall NC (10) Vs Magic NC (8)

Starz NC (6) Vs Oldham NC (10)

Conquerors (5) Vs Chester NC (17)

Little Sutton (3) Vs Royals NC (13)





Quarter Finals

Oldham NC was having a tough time starting games on the front foot and once again found themselves once again under pressure early on against AP Saints. Once they managed to get a hold of the game they never looked back and secured a place in the semi-finals. Chester NC joined them along with Oaksway who once again won by a single goal against Royals to maintain their tremendous run of form. Bramhall's gift for winning the quarter-final play-off game was a tie against Kingsway Power. For many a daunting task but Bramhall up until the first minute of the second quarter had the better of them and found themselves three points ahead. A small mistake in feeding the Bramhall shooters led to a wave of Kingsway Power goals and Bramhall who were staring at a semi-final tie was now having to settle for a top-eight finish. A brave performance but Kingsway found enough in the latter stages to seal the win.


Oldham NC (13) Vs AP Saints (6)

Chester NC (9) Vs Ryland NC (1)

Oaksway NC (8) Vs Royals NC (7)

Kingsway Power (15) Vs Bramhall NC (9)

9th-14th Play-Off


Little Sutton (4) Vs Magic NC (12) (9th-10th)

Grangetown NC (13) Vs Conquerors (8) (11th-12th)

Starz NC (3) Vs MK Dons (5) (13th-14th)

5th-8th Play-Off


Royals NC (9) Vs Ryland NC (6)

AP Saints (10) Vs Bramhall NC (4)


We had two fantastic semi-finals with the first being Chester and Oaksway. The game was a goal for goal throughout the twelve-minute game and with about thirty seconds on the clock Oaksway NC got in front. There was still time for Chester to score and with the crowd demanding they play get the ball up the court it was do or die for the current champions of this event. A mistake though feeding the shooter meant we didn't get the finale we all hoped for and Oaksway NC secured a spot in the final which saw jubilant scenes from the Oaksway players. The other semi-final was a classic encounter between North West giants Kingsway Power and Oldham NC. A goal for goal first half had the game evenly poised. A sloppy start to the second quarter meant Oldham NC lost their centre pass and Kingsway Power had the slight edge and Oldham was in a position of chasing them. In the end, a solid win for Kingsway Power, and Oldham was left rueing some small mistakes that cost them the game.


Oaksway NC (10) Vs Chester NC (9)

Kingsway Power (13) Vs Oldham NC (10)

5th-8th Play-Offs


Royals NC (9) Vs AP Saints (8) - 5th-6th

Ryland NC (12) Vs Bramhall NC (7)  - 7th-8th

3rd-4th Play-Off

Oldham NC (12) Vs Chester NC (6)


Could we get the fairytale end which would cap off an incredible day for Oaksway? It was going to be tough playing against Kingsway Power but Oaksway asserted themselves well in the first half and matched the ferocious Kingsway Power goal for goal. With the game coming to a close in the first half Oaksway scored on the buzzer to go in at halftime one goal ahead and looking like the better team. Once again in the second half Kingsway Power capitalised on some Oaksway mistakes and they went ahead. Oaksway though wasn't giving up and kept going to the final whistle, but only could get within two points of Kingsway who were crowned the national champions.


Kingsway Power (11) Vs Oaksway NC (9)


1st: Kingsway Power

2nd: Oaksway NC

3rd: Oldham NC

4th: Chester NC

Most Valuable Player

Ava Patterson - AP Saints NC

All Stars

Ava Patterson (AP Saints NC)

Jessica Bent (Bramhall NC)

Molly Neville (Oldham NC)
Jessica Talbot (Chester NC)

Lois Cowin (KWP)

Ava Parnaby (Oaksway NC)

Sasha Levy (Ryland NC)


MVP - Ava Patterson (AP Saints NC)


U14 Netball Cup National Final - All Star Players

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