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Kingsway Power recorded their 5th ENG national title victory after winning the U16 Netball Cup National Finals at the Platt Lane Sports Complex In Manchester. They came into the event as strong favourites and had to dig deep on several occasions on their way to becoming the national champions and qualifying for our ENG Netball Super Cup Finals against Wales national side.

Group Stages

Group A

A group of six that saw TTNC grab a narrow win over Magic NC and Poole starting their quest for gold with a convincing win over Tameside. The competition favourites Kingsway Power got their opportunity next to put down their flag for competition success and easily swept aside AP Saints to get their first win of the event. As we moved through the first three games it was Poole and KWP who set the tone for the group and both sides would then serve up the game of the group when they came face to face. KWP started well, but were pushed back by a resilient Poole side who's whole team were playing up a year. The defining moment of the game was when Poole could of gone a point up with a couple of minutes to go, but missed the opportunity, which KWP gladly capitalised on and took the win. The final games of the group saw AP Saints and TTNC come on strong, with Tameside NC getting a very important win over Magic NC, which meant they avoided coming bottom and qualified for the QF Play-Offs.


Magic NC (7) Vs TTNC (8)

Tameside NC (5) Vs Tameside NC (13)

Kingsway Power (18) Vs AP Saints NC (5)

Poole NC (15) Vs Magic NC (4)

AP Saints NC (15) Vs TTNC (8)

Kingsway Power (16) Vs Tameside NC (3)

Magic NC (3) Vs AP Saints NC (12)

Poole NC (8) Vs Kingsway Power (12)

TTNC (14) Vs Tameside NC (5)

Kingsway Power (13) Vs Magic NC (1)

Tameside NC (9) Vs AP Saints NC (16)

TTNC (10) Vs Poole NC (12)

Magic NC (3) Vs Tameside NC (7)

Kingsway Power (12) Vs TTNC (3)

AP Saints NC (6) Vs Poole NC (10)

Group B

Turnford took on Grangetown to get this group underway and what was meant to be a closely matched game turned out to be the opposite, with Turnford securing a impressive win to get their competition underway with a win. Like Turnford, Oldham started well and swept aside MK Dons and we already had our contenders for the top two. Grangetown bounced back from their initial defeat to get a narrow win over MK Dons and Turnford continued to impress winning all three of their initial games. This competition prides itself on the unpredictable result and it was Grangetown who gave us our first upset of the day beating the unbeaten Oldham in emphatic style, which meant they had eyes on the top two. Aces NC struggled in what was a competitive group and had to settle for fifth in the table, along with MK Dons in fourth. The final game of this group saw top of the table Turnford take on Oldham who were desperate to finish in the top two. What we expected to be a nail biter, ended up being a one sided affair with Turnford turning on the style to secure top spot in the group and condemn Oldham to third in the table.

Group B

Grangetown NC (5) Vs Turnford NC (11)

MK Dons (4) Vs Oldham NC (12)

Oldham NC (13) Vs Aces NC (4)

MK Dons (7) Vs Grangetown NC (8)

Turnford NC (14) Vs MK Dons (3)

Aces NC (5) Vs Grangetown NC (8)

Grangetown NC (11) Vs Oldham NC (6)

Aces NC (5) Vs Turnford NC (14)

MK Dons (8) Vs Aces NC (3)

Oldham NC (5) Vs Turnford NC (11)


Quarter Finals

No team had a safe passage through, underlying the high standard of the team involved. Kingsway Power who sailed into the knock-outs were tested against MK Dons, who came within a goal of their lead in the second half but couldn't maintain the pressure and in the end KWP won the tie. Poole NC didn't expect to face Oldham NC so early in the competition and everyone expected the runners up in Group A to fall to the third place team in Group B. It wasn't to be though with Poole NC showing real class by playing the sort of netball which has given them their notoriety over the past few years and winning the tie. Grangetown NC were growing into the competition with every game played and they defeated another improving side AP Saints NC. Winners of Group A Turnford NC didn't have the easiest of games against TTNC, who by far gave them their biggest test of the event at that point and could of gone a goal up with a couple of minutes to go, but failed to capitalise and in end Turford scraped the victory by three points and were happy to get past such a tough opponent.

Quarter Finals Play-Off

MK Dons (13) Vs Tameside NC (9)

TTNC (13) Vs Aces NC (9)

11th Play-Off

Magic NC (5) Vs Aces NC (8)

9th-10th Play-Off

Aces (11) Vs Tameside NC (4)

Quarter Finals

Kingsway Power (15) Vs MK Dons (9)

Turnford NC (10) Vs TTNC (7)

Poole NC (15) Vs Oldham NC (8)

Grangetown NC (14) Vs AP Saints NC (9)

5th-8th Play-Off

TTNC (18) Vs MK Dons (3)

Oldham NC (14) Vs AP Saints NC (6)

Semi Finals

Kingsway Power took on Grangetown in their semi final and got off to a poor start against the North East giants who went into a two goal lead almost instantly. With it being a Grangetown centre pass at two goals up it was imperative they scored to add pressure to this formidable KWP side. Grangetown NC took the centre pass and after a couple of passes they managed to throw the ball away and KWP went up the other end scored and the game was now goal for goal. Going into the second half KWP had a small edge, but Grangetown were determined to stay in the game, but faded in the final minutes and KWP found themselves in another ENG National Final.

In the other semi final we were treated to the classic encounter between Turnford and Poole. Both teams were near enough similar to ones that compete in our league, with Turnford having two U16 players adding steel to their attack.

As the game got underway it was clear it was going to be a tense affair with the game swinging from end to end. Turnford had a great opportunity to go ahead going into the second half with Coco Wililiams shooting and scoring just as the time elapsed, meaning it was draw at half time. The second half continued to be highly entertaining and Poole NC with about forty seconds to go had the chance to kill the game by going two points ahead, but a indecisive decision meant the ball was turned over and now Turnford not only had the chance to draw level, but there was also enough time for them to win the game. With twenty seconds to go Turnford drove forward and with seconds to go their goal shooter Hannah Gibson had the chance to win the game. With a foul being given it didn't matter the time had elapsed and it was a free shot, which surprisingly was missed to the joy of Poole and now we were in extra time. 

Extra time was goal for goal and like the end of normal time a opportunity presented itself to Poole this time around to win the game. With the five second countdown being heard around the arena, Poole NC quickly moved the ball to their goal shooter Issy, who fantastically turned and shot and it felt like time stood still as the ball looked likely to land in the net, but this time to Turnford's joy it bounced out of the frame and it was now time for a golden goal scenario. Due to it going to golden goal we flicked a coin to see who would get the all important centre pass, which was won by Poole and now Turnford had to defend for their life. As the centre pass was taken Poole were nervously trying to find their attacking players and managed to thrown away the opportunity to win the game with a loose pass. Turnford then smelt blood and patiently passed the ball to find an opening, as it fell to Sadie Clemence she made a risky pass around the corner to Coco Williams who expertly managed to stop it going out of play and then composed herself for the winning shot in which she scored and sent Turnford through to the final.

Semi Finals

Kingsway Power (14) Vs Grangetown NC (10)

Turnford NC (13) Vs Poole NC (12)

5th-6th Play-Off

Oldham NC (11) Vs TTNC (9)

7th-8th Play-Off

MK Dons (10) Vs AP Saints NC (13)


After such intense semi-final Turnford found it tough to maintain their high standards against easily one of the best teams ever to grace an ENG National Final court. Even though Turnford went ahead, Kingsway Power were faultless and driven on by England International Daisy Lees they were just too good and went on to win the clubs 5th ENG National Title and as a team their third.


Kingsway Power (14) Vs Turnford NC (9)

3rd/4th Play-Off

Grangetown NC (13) Vs Poole NC (9)

A great way to start 2023 with this high energy and well supported competition. The winners Kingsway Power have now qualified for our Super Cup Finals against Wales, where they will have the chance to win our ultimate club award. We also want to take this opportunity to congratulate Tennille Taylor on being chosen as the competition MVP. Tennille is a non nonsense defender who not only performed superbly, but is such a team player who's work ethic and dedication in supporting her teams mates is quite inspiring.

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