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ENG Mavericks completed the Road To Birmingham after a tremendous performance at the debut ENG All Star National Finals. The team who won our Gold Cup London workshop way back in October were in fine form through-out this event and won the final 9-7 against another Gold Cup winning workshop ENG Thunder, who put pressure on the Londoners by bringing the score back to 8-7 at one point in what turned out to be a great ending to this unique netball tournament.

The result means ENG Mavericks have won a VIP trip to the Commonwealth Games on August 3rd and will enjoy a stay in a hotel, celebratory meal and enjoy watching the Australian Diamonds play Jamaica. This ends our year long competition that offered netballers from the across the country the chance to engage in process that opened up the opportunity to access high level netball and play against the best players in the country.


Gold Cup National Finals

ENG Mavericks 29 Vs ENG Thunder 16

Winter Cup National Finals

ENG Cavaliers 11 Vs ENG Mavericks 19

Diamond Cup National Finals

ENG Dragons 24 Vs ENG Tigers 16

Commonwealth Cup National Finals

ENG New Zealand 22 Vs ENG Australia 11

Group A

ENG Australia 6 Vs ENG Cavaliers

ENG Dragons 5 Vs ENG Mavericks 8

ENG Mavericks 14 Vs ENG Australia 2

ENG Dragons 5 Vs ENG Cavaliers 9

ENG Australia 2 Vs ENG Dragons

ENG Mavericks 13 Vs ENG Cavaliers

Group B

ENG Tigers 8 Vs ENG Thunder 12

ENG Mavericks 8 Vs ENG New Zealand 13

ENG New Zealand 10 Vs ENG Tigers 14

ENG Mavericks 6 Vs ENG Thunder 4

ENG Tigers 8 Vs ENG Mavericks 6

ENG New Zealand 12 Vs ENG Thunder 10

Quarter Finals

ENG New Zealand 8 Vs ENG Australia 9

ENG Mavericks 13 Vs ENG Mavericks 5

ENG Tigers 13 Vs ENG Dragons 11

ENG Thunder 8 Vs ENG Cavaliers 6

Semi Finals

ENG Thunder 10 Vs ENG Australia 3

ENG Mavericks 17 Vs ENG Tigers 5

3rd/4th Play-Off

ENG Australia 11 Vs ENG Tigers 10


ENG Mavericks 9 Vs ENG Thunder 7


1st: ENG Mavericks 

2nd: ENG Thunder

3rd: ENG Australia

MVP: Isis Nyamah (ENG Mavericks)

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who supported this competition and help bring to life a new way in which young netballers can access national tournaments.


See you again in the 2022/23 season. 

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