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Oldham NC won the ENG U10 Netball Cup National Finals after defeating West London based Starz NC in the final. They became the first team ever to win this event and managed to go fourteen games unbeaten through-out the regionals and nationals to secure the title as the No.1 team in the country.

Group A

Starz and Bramhall set the tone in the opening round of this competition with two dominant wins. In Round 2, Chorley Inferno shocked a confident Shan with a slender 7-6 win, which showcased how competitive this event was likely to be.


The champions of the South and champions of the Midlands also met in Round 2, with both sides winning their opening games. Starz and Bramhall saw this as the game that would secure their place at the top of the table at the end of the group stages. Starz was on fire in this game, winning it relatively comfortably, which sent a message to the teams in the competition about their intentions. Round 3 saw Bramhall return to winning ways, and Starz condemned Shan to another defeat.


In Round 4, Shan took on Stanford Rutland and maybe saw this as a way of gaining their first win due to Stanford also losing all their games coming into this tie. Stanford, though, managed to get a 5-4 win to almost guarantee their place in the quarter-final play-offs. The final round saw Chorley win their second game of the competition, and Bramhall solidified their place in second place with a comfortable win over Shan.


Starz NC (12) Vs Stamford Rutland (1)

Bramhall NC (9) Vs Chorley Inferno (3)

Chorley Inferno (7) Vs Shan NC (6)

Bramhall NC (5) Vs Starz NC (8)

Stamford Rutland (2) Vs Bramhall NC (8)

Shan NC (4) Vs Starz NC (7)

Starz NC (7) Vs Chorley Inferno (5)

Shan NC (4) Vs Stamford Rutland (5)

Bramhall NC (7) Vs Shan NC (0)

Chorley Inferno (6) Vs Stamford Rutland (3)



Group B

Oldham Red Kites dominated this group but did have to work hard for their win against Sutton Town. Sutton Town led by two goals against the North West powerhouse for significant periods, but Oldham managed to swing the game back in their favour. They went on to win the rest of their games and top the group.


While Oldham's dominance was evident, the battle for the other positions in the group was fierce. Sutton Town made a strong start with a win over Poole, and Ellesmere Port boosted their morale with a convincing victory against Sutton Town B, scoring 8-2. The competition for the top spots was intense, with Poole ultimately emerging victorious over Sutton Town B, and Ellesmere Port experiencing their first loss in Round 4 against Oldham.


It came down to the final game of the group to decide the runners up position, and we had a repeat of the semi-final from the Midlands final, and once again, it was a classic. Ellesmere Port and Sutton Town is becoming a must-watch game across all age groups. Ellesmere Port started the better of the two sides, but Sutton Town came storming back to level the game. With time ticking down, Ellesmere Port grabbed the winner to confirm their position as runners up in the group.


Sutton Town B (2) Vs Ellesmere Port (8)

Poole NC (2) Vs Ellesmere Port (8)

Poole NC (2) Vs Sutton Town (5)

Sutton Town (4) Vs Oldham Red Kites (6)

Poole NC (12) Vs Sutton Town B (0)

Ellesmere Port (5) Vs Poole NC (4)

Oldham Red Kites (11) Vs Sutton Town B (0)

Sutton Town B (0) Vs Sutton Town (12)

Oldham Red Kites (11) Vs Ellesmere Port (3)

Poole NC (2) Vs Oldham Red Kites (10)

Sutton Town (3) Vs Ellesmere Port (4)


Group C

AP Saints were the champions from the East, and in their opening game, they played Oldham Eagles, who were only a U9 team. Despite being the youngest team in the competition, Oldham Eagles were highly fancied to do well, and this would be a good test for AP Saints to see if they had the credentials to win this event. The game between the two sides started with AP Saints going ahead, and they stayed ahead for significant periods. Oldham never gave up, and if it wasn't for some minor errors in the back of the game, it could have been a draw but an excellent win for AP Saints, with the final score being 5-4.

The competition took an unpredictable turn as Wilmslow Lightning, who had a strong start with a win over Magic, was brought back to reality by Hatfield, who emerged victorious with a score of 7-5. The surprises continued with AP Saints, who had previously triumphed over one of the tournament favourites but were handed a heavy defeat by the skillful Magic side, with a score of 6-0.

Oldham bounced back after their defeat by AP Saints to win their next three games. The loss to AP Saints was well and truly forgotten because they went to top the group on goal difference. AP Saints rallied after their heavy defeat to Magic for two more wins, and Magic secured third place at the table with a win over Hatfield. Despite playing well, Wilmslow Lightning had to rely on their goal difference to come fourth, which would be pivotal when placing teams for the knock-outs.


AP Saints (5) Vs Oldham Eagles (4)

Magic NC (3) Vs Wilmslow Lightning (4)

Wilmslow Lightning (5) Vs Hatfield NC (7)

Magic NC (6) Vs AP Saints NC (0)

Oldham Eagles (8) Vs Magic NC (1)

Hatfield NC (2) Vs AP Saints NC (3)

AP Saints NC (5) Vs Wilmslow Lightning (3)

Hatfield NC (5) Oldham Eagles (10)

Magic NC (5) Vs Hatfield NC (2)

Wilmslow Lightning (3) Vs Oldham Eagles (5)

Quarter Final Play-Offs

The quarter-final playoffs gave us some fantastic encounters. The first round of games saw Ellesmere Port and Bramhall fly into the quarter-finals with impressive wins. The drama began with AP Saints once again being pitted against Wilmslow Lightning. AP Saints won their group-stage game against Wilmslow, but the outcome would be different this time. Both sides went toe to toe throughout the game, ending in a draw. We then proceeded to overtime, which was going to be an actual nerve test, and Wilsmlow managed to get ahead and win. It was a massive disappointment for the AP Saints, who would have wanted to go after a top-four finish.

Sutton Town comfortably won against Poole NC, and Magic NC confirmed their top-eight finish with a slender 7-6 win over Chorley Inferno to finish the quarter-final playoff games.



Ellesmere Port (11) Vs Hatfield NC (1)

Bramhall NC (13) Vs Stamford Rutland (4)

AP Saints (4) Vs Wilsmlow Lightning (5)

Sutton Town (10) Vs Poole NC (3)

Magic NC (7) Vs Chorley Inferno (6)

Quarter Finals

The quarter-finals re-introduced the teams who won their groups, and all three cruised into the semi-finals. The only team that was made to work for their win was Oldham Eagles, who at one point were drawing 6-6 before capitalizing on Wilmslow's failure to go ahead when in procession of the ball when the game was a tie.


Bramhall NC (10) Vs Ellesmere Port (5)

Oldham Red Kites (13) Vs Magic NC (3)

Starz NC (8) Vs Sutton Town (1)

Oldham Eagles (9) Vs Wilmslow Lightning (6)

14th-15th Play-Off

Shan NC Vs Sutton Town B (TBC)

9th-14th Play-Off


Shan NC (7) Vs Chorley Inferno (1)

Poole NC (13) Vs Hatfield NC (8)

AP Saints NC (5) Vs Stamford Rutland (1)

Semi Finals

The potential for an all-Oldham final was a tantalizing prospect, and the Red Kites were leading the charge against Bramhall. The Eagles, not to be outdone, were determined to secure a victory against Starz, setting the stage for the final both teams were yearning for.


Both teams started the game well, and it was a nail-biting goal-for-goal battle until the score was 3-3. Starz pulled away, and it looked like they would go in at halftime three goals up. A thrilling goal by Oldham, though, on the stroke of halftime put them back in contention going into the second half.


The second half started like the first, with both teams going goal for goal. Starz maintained a two-point lead for a significant period until the score was 8-7, and Oldham overturned their center pass, and now they had the chance to tie the game. It felt like ages passed without a goal, and every time Oldham attacked the Starz pos,t it broke down. Oldham's luck ran out, and Starz managed to compose themselves to once again go two goals ahead in the tie.


Oldham scored as we approached the final minute, and it was game on. Oldham overturned the Starz centre pass again, and the game would likely be forced into overtime. As Oldham attacked, the Starz mid-court player came out of nowhere to intercept a lopping Oldham pass and now all they had to do is keep the ball. The time ticked by and even though Starz didn't score off the overturned pass, they ran the clock down enough to prevent another Oldham attack, sealing their victory in a heart-stopping finish.


Bramhall NC (4) Vs Oldham Red Kites (10)

Starz NC (9) Vs Oldham Eagles (8)

5th-8th Semi Finals


Ellesmere Port (6) Vs Magic NC (2)

Sutton Town (3) Vs Wilmslow Lightning (4)

9th-12th Semi Finals


AP Saints (4) Vs Shan NC (3)

Poole NC (11) Vs Hatfield NC (7)

Final - 13/14th Position

Stamford Rutland (6) Vs Chorley Inferno (5)

Final - 11th/12th Position

Shan NC (2) Vs Hatfield NC (4)

Final - 9th/10th Position

Poole NC (12) Vs AP Saints NC (11)

Final 7th/8th Position

Magic NC (9) Vs Sutton Town (5)

Final 5th/6th Position

Wilmslow Lightning (5) Vs Ellesmere Port (7)

Final 3rd/4th Position

Oldham Eagles (12) Vs Bramhall NC (6)





The final was between Starz and Oldham Red Kites. Both sides were unbeaten going into this game, and we were set to crown our first-ever U10 National Champions.


Oldham Red Kites, as usual, started fast, and Starz struggled to cope with the intensity. With the score being 3-0, Starz finally settled into the game and scored their first goal, which settled their nerves. Oldham continued to dominate the first half and went in at halftime 8-3 ahead.


In the second half, Starz started the better of the two teams. They had the chance to bring the score down to 9-5 but missed the opportunity when momentum was in their favour. After a slight wobble, Oldham never looked back and went on to win the game 11-6 and become the ENG U10 Netball Cup National Champions.


Oldham Red Kites (11) Vs Starz NC (6)




1st: Oldham Red Kites

2nd: Starz NC

3rd: Oldham Eagles

4th: Bramhall NC

Most Valuable Player

Edie Woodhouse (Bramhall)

All Stars

Temi Jaiyeola (AP Saints NC), Naomi Roberjot (Magic NC), Maisie Mela (Hatfield NC), Matilda Breslin (Stanford Rutland), Florence Halewood (Ellesmere Port), Aveana Rothwell (Chorley Inferno), Drew Deacon (Shan NC), Penny Mitchell (Sutton Town A), Lois Romilee (Sutton Town B), Scarlett Davis (Oldham Red Kites), Stella Raynor-Cook (Starz NC), Isabella Marcucci (Wilsmlow Lightning), Fern Lang (Oldham Eagles), Sienne Gover (Poole NC), Edie Woodhouse (Bramhall NC


Magic ecstatic after there 7-6 win over Chorley Inferno


Starz had to dig deep against Oldham Eagles to reach the final

Oldham Eagles and Wilmslow battled it out for a place in the semi-finals

Oldham Red Kites were unstoppable in the final against Starz NC

All aboard the winners train


Ellesmere Port were happy with their fifth place finish


Superleague player Paige Kindred driving her team forward

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