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We are in uncertain times with sport being one of the biggest casualties of the Corona Virus outbreak. After a few weeks of letting the news of the lockdown set in we at ENG Sports UK couldn't just sit back and let athletes miss out on not taking part in any form of competition over a period where competition in the netball world is at its peak.

We came up with a host of online events to help the appetite of athletes who were missing the buzz of competing. Our first competition was the ENG Netball 60 Second Shooting Challenge. The aim of the event was to score as many goals as possible in 60 seconds from 7ft away. This was to be done also in teams who would take on the ENG netball elite performance athletes and the best team with the most goals would be crowned our winner.

With over 50 teams competing over several weeks the event was a huge success and it was won by Kingsway Power A who scored an impressive 132 goals. To make it more interesting we also brought together the best five athletes on our individual leaderboard who would compete in an online battle which was live to watch. With over 500 people tuning in to watch it was Georgia Parkinson who was victorious with a total of 32 goals, She won an ENG Nike training kit as a reward for her victory.


The next event we put on was our Netball Long Bomb challenge which was to test netball players on their ability to shoot under pressure from many different distances. Altogether they had to shoot fourteen successful shots to complete the circuit and they had to do it as quick as they could to achieve the best time possible. After two weeks of amazing trials, the top 5 was confirmed and we again set up a live stream for everyone to watch and support at home. It was an incredible competition again with all the girls competing to a high standard and the finale is worth a watch below. It was won by Bea Wilshaw who plays her netball for Trafford Juniors who managed to win with a time of 31 seconds.

After two successful competitions, we wanted to engage the young stars of the netball world and went back to the 60 second shooting challenge but this time for kids of the ages of 9yrs below. Not sure how this would play due to the age of the participants we were excited to see if at this age it would be as entertaining and competitive as the last two which involved athletes from the ages of 10yrs-18yrs. Initially, we set up a trial evening to see which six girls would compete for the ENG All Stars who would then compete against netball clubs around the country. Once we found our team we went into the battle with over 30 games being played. The ENG All Stars were quite a force to be reckoned with and only lost three games the whole time competing which was against Kingsway Power X2 and Ellesmere Port Youth Red.

Unlike the previous 60 second challenge, we brought the top four teams to a live online battle to intensify the experience more for these young stars. Again another highly entertaining competition took place and it was eventually won by Kingsway Power U9A who were double champions of this event.

Finally, the top eight individual shooters from the team event competed live online alongside the team event and what a spectacle it was. Another 500 people tuned in to watch the action unfold and it went right to wire with the top places changing all the way up to the end. In the end, it was won by Georgia Cox who scored 35 goals and was crowned champion, she also won an ENG Nike training kit as a reward. What made it more special for everyone involved was that England Roses and Saracens Mavericks professional netball player was present in the room to support them through the whole process.

Thank you to everyone who supported the competition.

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