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Wodson Park won the opening regional round of the ENG U11 Netball Cup national competition after a perfect run of results to win the Eastern Finals and more importantly go into the national finals as one of the top seeds in the competition.

The event was played at the amazing Essex Sports Arena which gave the players a sense of professionalism that made them feel like the professionals. All the teams involved played to a high standard and apart from Wodson Park who won all their games in the group, the table was finely balanced with all the teams losing games.

In the knocks-out their was nearly a shock result with Herts Hornets given a scare by Southend Sapphires who had lost all their games in the group but showed their capabilities by pushing a talented Herts Hornets side to the very end. Poole NC who ended the group stages strong were beaten by AP Saints NC who were started to play their best netball after a up and down time in the groups.

The semi-finals saw the first shock result of the day with second place in the group Turnford losing to a very determined and clinical Herts Hornets. Wodson Park carried on their fine form from the league format to set up a final with Herts Hornets.

The final games saw Turnford NC lose again, this time to AP Saints NC who produced a fantastic display to secure third place and a place in the national finals. Wodson Park capped off a great day with their seventh win in the competition and win the title as the ENG U11 Netball Cup Eastern Finals Champions.


Group A

Wodson Park 5 Vs Turnford NC 4

Southend Sapphires 2 Vs AP Saints NC 4

Herts Hornets NC 9 Vs Poole NC 3

AP Saints NC 2 Vs Wodson Park 6

Herts Hornets NC 5 Vs Turnford NC 6

Poole NC 5 Vs Southend Sapphires 2

Wodson Park 6 Vs Herts Hornets NC 5

AP Saints NC 2 Vs Poole NC 4

Turnford NC 10 Vs Southend Sapphires 2

Poole NC 3 Vs Wodson Park 7

Southend Sapphires 5 Vs Herts Hornets NC 10

Turnford NC 5 Vs AP Saints NC 4

Wodson Park 9 Vs Southend Sapphires 3

Poole NC 3 Vs Turnford NC 3

Herts Hornets NC 9 Vs AP Saints NC 3

Semi Final Play-Offs

Herts Hornets NC 5 Vs Southend Sapphires 4

Poole NC 3 Vs AP Saints NC 5

Semi Final

Herts Hornets NC 9 Vs Turnford NC 3

Wodson Park 5 Vs AP Saints NC 1

3rd/4th Play-Off

AP Saints NC 7 Vs Turnford NC 3


Wodson Park 10 Vs Herts Hornets NC 5


1st: Wodson Park NC

2nd: Herts Hornets

3rd: AP Saints NC

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