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Wodson Park became the ENG U12 Netball Cup National Champions after an incredible win over Leeds Athletic in the final. A final many wouldn't have predicted at the beginning of the event, saw both sides play out a memorable game which will go down as the greatest final yet since this competition began back in 2019. 

Group A

Getting this group underway we saw two dominant performances from Rivington and Magic who ran out comfortable winners against Turnford and Hatfield respectively. Magic then played Turnford, which would be one of three games these two clubs would play against each other in this event. Magic started the more brighter of the sides and recorded a great win to give them alot of confidence going into the Rivington game, which would determine who would be top of the group heading into the bonus round. Turnford managed to get their first win of the group after a win over Hatfield and Rivington secured top place in the group with a win over Magic. Heading in the bonus round, Rivington had to work hard to cement their place at the top of the table with a win over bottom placed Hatfield and Turnford got their revenge over Magic for the earlier loss with dominant win to jump over Magic in the table to secure a runners up position.


Turnford NC (3) Vs Rivington NC (7)

Hatfield NC (2) Vs Magic NC (7)

Magic NC (8) Vs Turnford NC (5)

Hatfield NC (5) Vs Rivington NC (11)

Turnford NC (8) Vs Hatfield NC (4)

Magic NC (4) Vs Rivington NC (7)

Bonus Round

Rivington NC (9) Vs Hatfield NC (5)

Magic NC (0) Vs Turnford NC (6

Group B

Oldham dominated this group from start to finish, but did get tested by a very stubborn Aces side who were pushing for the win in the third game of the group to nearly provide us with the biggest upset of the competition so far. This group was predicted to be a battle for the runners up position and that's how it panned out. Aces, who drew with Poole in their first game played them again in the bonus round, this time it was a one sided affair with Aces coming out on top to secure a very impressive runners up spot in the table. 


Aces NC (7) Vs Poole NC (7)

Little Sutton (2) Vs Oldham NC (11)

Oldham NC (7) Vs Aces NC (5)
Poole NC (10) Vs Little Sutton (0)
Aces NC (9) Vs Little Sutton (5)

Oldham NC (9) Vs Poole NC (4)

Bonus Round

Oldham NC (16) Vs Little Sutton (1)

Aces NC (11) Vs Poole NC (4)

Group C

This group contained three of the eventual top four sides, so by far the most competitive group in the competition. The current top side in the YNPL Southern Conference got off to a flying start with an impressive win over Ellesmere Port. Leeds Athletic, like Wodson won convincingly which set up an intriguing tie between these two sides next. The game between Wodson Park and Leeds Athletic was going to be a insight into how far these teams would get in the competition, but with a potential quarter final game against each other in the YNPL Grand Finals looming, there was a opportunity for a phycological win. Leeds managed to get the win, but this was wouldn't be the last time they met in this event. Ellesmere got their first win over Herts Hornets, but were struggling to find that cutting edge in their play which meant they suffered a heavy defeat to Leeds in their final game before the bonus round. In the bonus round Leeds secured top spot and we finally saw the best of Ellesmere Port as they went toe to toe with Wodson. A narrow 10-8 defeat, but they were hitting good form going into the knock-outs.


Ellesmere Port (5) Vs Wodson Park (12)

Leeds Athletic (12) Vs Hertford Hornets (3)

Hertford Hornets (2) Vs Ellesmere Port (12)

Leeds Athletic (9) Vs Wodson Park (6)

Ellesmere Port (4) Vs Leeds Athletic (13)

Herts Hornets (5) Vs Wodson Park (14)

Bonus Round

Wodson Park (10) Vs Ellesmere Port (8)

Leeds Athletic (10) Vs Herts Hornets (1)

Group D

Group D contained Starz and Sutton Town who had played out one of the best games of the season in our Youth Netball Premier league a few months back. Both Starz and Sutton Town started well, both winning 10-2, a great start considering they were playing each other next. Starz started the better against Sutton Town and found themselves three points ahead, but Sutton Town have a grit and determination which is pivotal when playing sport and slowly came back into the game. As the seconds ticked by Starz were wishing the time away and the game ended before Sutton Town could force a draw. Going into the bonus round, Starz needed a big win to push themselves up the pecking order within the winners category, but they were made to work by Hucclecote who despite their position in the group made Starz work for the win and only lost by a single point. Sutton Town secured a win over Saddleworth to cement their position in the table.


Sutton Town (10) Vs Hucclecote NC (2)

Saddleworth NC (2) Vs Starz NC (10)

Starz NC (6) Vs Sutton Town (5)

Saddleworth NC (8) Vs Hucclecote NC (8)

Sutton Town (9) Vs Saddleworth NC (5)

Starz NC (9) Vs Hucclecote NC (5)

Bonus Round

Hucclecote NC (9) Vs Starz NC (10)

Sutton Town (8) Vs Saddleworth (5)


Last 16 Results

With the games in this round being decided by overall positions in the table, it through up some games that we had already seen in the groups, but also some rivalries that would light up this round. The top teams managed to safely navigate themselves through this round, but Rivington NC were giving a small scare by Hatfield in their last 16 game. Within the runners up category Wodson Park and Turnford safely navigated themselves into the quarter-finals, but Aces NC and Sutton Town were downed by third place opposition. Aces NC just lost out to Poole by one point, this was revenge for the previous loss to them in the groups. Sutton Town prize for coming runners up in the group was to play Ellesmere Port who they had defeated in the regional final to qualify for this competition. As ever this game served up an endless amount of entertainment with both sides going in front at numerous points in the game. As the game was drawing to a close it was Ellesmere Port who went in front, and this time stayed in front to secure their place in the quarter finals.


Leeds Athletic (15) Vs Herts Hornets (1)

Starz NC (8) Vs Hucclecote NC (5)

Wodson Park (12) Vs Saddleworth NC (2)

Aces NC (4) Vs Poole NC (5)

Oldham NC (12) Vs Little Sutton (0)

Sutton Town (8) Vs Ellesmere Port (10)

Turnford NC (8) Vs Magic NC (4)

Rivington NC (11) Vs Hatfield NC (4)

9th-16th Play-Off


Aces NC (9) Vs Herts Hornets (5)

Sutton Town (8) Vs Hatfield NC (5)

Magic NC (5) Vs Little Sutton (3)

Hucclecote NC (4) Vs Saddleworth NC (8)

Quarter Finals

We had the re-make of the Wodson Park Vs Starz encounter which was one of the highlights of the regional rounds when Wodson won in a golden goal situation. This time around we didn't have the same drama due to the slow start of Starz and ruthlessness of Wodson Park. Along with Wodson, Oldham and Leeds Athletic cruised into the semi-finals. The game of the round was between Rivington and Ellesmere Port, a game that went to overtime after an incredible ten minutes of netball which ended in a draw. The drama of the overtime started before the whistle had begun, with a dispute over the centre pass setting the scene for tense two minutes ahead. Ellesmere Port got the first point of the overtime, but nearly had the ball turned over, after their initially drive to the post was intercepted, but a mistake by Rivington gave the ball straight back to Ellesmere Port who went and scored. Rivington scored off their centre pass and with only fifty seconds to go time management was key from Ellesmere Port. As the seconds ticked by Ellesmere Port patiently took the ball to goal. A missed shot looked to have given the ball back to Rivington, but a great rebound from the Ellesmere Port shooter reclaimed them the ball. With ten seconds to go the Ellesmere Port shooter calmly slotted the ball in the net and secured them the win and a place in the semi-finals.


Leeds Athletic (8) Vs Poole NC (3)

Wodson Park (12) Vs Starz NC (5)

Oldham NC (11) Vs Turnford NC (6)

Ellesmere Port (10) Vs Rivington NC (9)

13th-16th Play-Off


Hertford Hornets (3) Vs Hatfield NC (5)

Little Sutton (4) Vs Hucclecote NC (5)

9th-12th Play-Off


Magic NC (10) Vs Saddleworth NC (9)

Sutton Town (8) Vs Aces NC (6)

Semi Finals

After the drama of their previous two games Ellesmere Port couldn't re-create it against a classy Leeds Athletic side who hadn't put a foot wrong all day. Leeds Athletic started the game strongly and managed to hold off Ellesmere Port to secure their place in the final. Oldham NC took on Wodson Park in their semi final and like Leeds Athletic were looking strong and hadn't put a foot wrong up until this stage of the competition. Wodson Park though had had the better match play coming into this game and were probably more mentally ready for the challenge ahead. Oldham started the better of the teams and went into a three point lead, which would of settled a few nerves in the Oldham camp and had them mentally thinking they were in the final. Wodson Park picked up the pace and forced Oldham into errors to bring the game back to draw and now the game was goal for goal. This was the ultimate game of chess with both sides not dropping their centre pass and the smallest of mistakes was probably going to decide the outcome in what was a great example of professionalism from both sides. With the time ticking down a huge call was made against Oldham, who were penalised for a held ball. This was the perfect opportunity for Wodson to go ahead and with it being their centre pass next, a chance to wrap the game up and record a famous win. Wodson with their incredibly talented attack took the invitation to go ahead in the game and then scored off their centre pass to secure their place in the final against Leeds Athletic. 


Leeds Athletic (9) Vs Ellesmere Port (6)

Oldham NC (11) Vs Wodson Park (13)

15th-16th Final

Little Sutton (6) Vs Herts Hornets (5)

13th-14th Final

Hucclecote NC (9) Vs Hatfield NC (5)

11th-12th Final

Saddleworth NC (9) Vs Aces NC (5)

9th-10th Final

Sutton Town (10) Vs Magic NC (8)

7th-8th Final

Starz NC (10) Vs Starz NC (7)

5th-6th Final

Turnford NC (8) Vs Rivington NC (7)

3rd-4th Play-Off

We had a all northern 3rd-4th play-off and it was a great game. Like the semi-finals, Oldham came into this as the favourites, but Ellesmere Port had grown in confidence over the competition and were in no mood to give this up lightly. The game was neck and neck through-out, but going into the closing stages, Ellesmere Port found themselves one point ahead with the time slowly ticking away. Unfortunately for Ellesmere Port, Oldham kept cool and managed to force the game to overtime. In overtime, Oldham started the better of the two teams, and with such a short window of opportunity to get back into the game Ellesmere Port had to settle for fourth overall. Well done to Oldham who bounced back from their semi-final defeat to secure third for the second successive season.


Oldham NC (10) Vs Ellesmere Port (8)


In these competitions finals sometimes can be an anti climax, but we were treated to probably the best Netball Cup final we have ever had. Leeds Athletic were making their appearance in the final for the second successive season, but for Wodson this was their first appearance in any national event we have hosted.

Leeds Athletic had the phycological edge coming into this game due to them winning against Wodson in the group stages, but Wodson were on a high after a tremendous victory over Oldham in the semi-finals. The game started quite evenly matched, but it was Wodson who had the edge going into half time with a two point lead. Leeds Athletic had to start the second half strong and Naomi Green made sure of that with a tremendous shot when she was off balance to bring the score back to one point. Wodson maintained their two point lead though up until around three minutes to go, but a mistake allowed Leeds Athletic to bring the game back to a draw and now it was game on. Both sides were now looking nervous, but Wodson were the ones who managed to go ahead with thirty seconds to go after some good play from their amazing attackers. Leeds still had time to score, but a rushed pass ended their hopes of taking the game to overtime, and it was Wodson Park who were crowned the ENG U12 Netball Cup National Champions.


Wodson Park (9) Vs Leeds Athletic (8)


1st: Wodson Park

2nd: Leeds Athletic

3rd: Oldham NC

4th: Ellesmere Port

Most Valuable Player

Naomi Green (Leeds Athletic)

All Stars

Clara Harris Rodgers (Herts Hornets), Mia Layfied-McDonald (Starz NC), Bella Adams (Hucclecote NC), Lottie Woods (Ellesmere Port), Jess Brown (Little Sutton), Phoebe Crudgington (Hatfield), Isla Charman (Magic NC), Eliza Kelly (Rivington NC), Cora Bathelor (Sutton Town), Alarna Rae-Ewen (Aces NC), Naomi Green (Leeds Athletic), Jess Fox (Saddleworth NC), Millie Smith (Wodson Park), Isabelle Fu (Oldham NC), Bella Furze (Poole NC), Temidire Fadahunsi Jones (Turnford NC)

Naomi Green scores a wonder goal to keep Leeds Athletic in the game.


Hucclecote and Saddleworth compete in the 9th-16th play-off game.


Turnford NC after a shaky start secure 5th place in the competition after a win over Rivington NC

The final minute was intense between Wodson and Leeds Athletic

Ellesmere Port caused an upset against unbeaten Rivington in the quarter finals

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